Kansas City Bomber

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6.8/10. I know we're supposed to cheer Raquel Welch here but I can't, This is one of those almost bad but not quite movies. She's selfish here, the character KC Carr. She dumps her daughter and son on her mother to pursue her dream of being in roller derby. I can only feel sorry for her as this was probably one of the few movies she could get after Myra Breckenridge. Her earlier movie in the 70's, Hannie Caulder, is a better movie and an underrated western. Mother, Jugs, And Speed which came after this was also a better movie. She's also sneaky in using her sexiness to get a spot on a new team, not caring about her alcoholic rival Helena Kallianiotes, or just being a mother and raising her kids instead of pursuing this dream. Still it's worth watching and laughing at its goofiness, even Raquel knows it's not top notch.


Continuity mistake: When KC Carr visits her mother, daughter, and son she's shown leaving in a taxi. Later she's shown driving her own car. That car seems to vanish when she joins another derby team who travels by bus. Surely the other derby teams she was on had buses.


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K.C. Carr: Randy, I don't date skaters.
Randy: A skater! I ain't no skater, I am a goddamn star.

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