Anna (2019)


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Olga: Trouble never sends a warning.

Alex Tchenkov: In six months what you have on us will be obsolete.
Anna: I have never had a day of freedom, six months will be an eternity.

Olga: Adversity is a great teacher.

Anna: I work for the KGB, baby.

Piotr: If it wasn't for me you'd be on the streets turning tricks for meals.

Factual error: The movie starts in 1985, jumps '5 years later' and then back to Sasha Luss, then '3 years earlier'. So, in her crusty apartment in an impoverished neighbourhood of 1987 Soviet Russia, Anna is filling a form on her notebook-style laptop, too modern for the era. It looks like a NEC UltraLite (considered the first notebook style laptop) which didn't even come out until 1989, let alone the likelihood of someone in the USSR having one.

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