Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts (1985)

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Other mistake: During the epic love scene between Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau, look carefully at a closeup shot as Patricia kisses Helen. Parts of each one's hair is inexplicably wet and they haven't been fooling around long enough to sweat.


Visible crew/equipment: During the argument Cay and Vivian are having outside look at the car. You can see the reflection of the camera. Not only that but in the background is a crew member trying to stay hidden behind a parked car.


Visible crew/equipment: When Cay and Vivian are sitting on the floor of Vivian's room at night look at the window carefully. You can see the reflection of the camera in it.


Revealing mistake: When Cay and Vivian are out in the desert it starts raining. Yet once they're in the car after the big kiss they seem completely dry with their hair only slightly damp. Clearly they just got their hair sprayed.

Continuity mistake: Vivian was in the other room of her hotel room only a few seconds, there's no way Cay could completely undress that quickly and without making any noise.


Continuity mistake: While they kiss prior to having sex, Vivian is wearing an old pink robe. Just after she's been dipped and kissed on the bed by Cay her robe is suddenly opened without her or Cay having opened it.


Factual error: During the movie they play two Patsy Cline songs, Crazy and Leaving On Your Mind.Problem is Desert Hearts is set in 1959.Those two songs were released several years later, Crazy in 1961, Leaving On Your Mind in 1963.


Plot hole: It's never explained why Frances Parker would be upset about Cay pursuing Vivian. She knows she's gay, but we're never told why she's mad.


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Suggested correction: Because Frances was afraid Cay would leave her to be alone and she blames Vivian for making Cay fall for Vivian, out of fear or resentment of being alone.


Cay: Take your hands out of your pockets and come here.

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Trivia: Ilene Chaiken, creator of The L Word, has praised this movie. She's said it's the best one of its genre and even had her show's cast watch it prior to making their TV show.


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