Shaft in Africa
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Wassa: Where did you study stick fighting, Mr. Shaft?
Shaft: Conducting the New York Philharmonic.
Wassa: The Emir will be pleased. Also, by the fact you're already circumcised.

Jazar: How long is your phallus, Mr. Shaft?
Shaft: My what?
Jazar: Your cock?
Shaft: Baby, by now it shrunk down to 20 inches.

Shaft: Now, wait a minute. Now, I'm not James Bond. Simply, Sam Spade.

Amafi: I'd give ten years of my life if I could do that. To be able to see the world only in sexual terms and to feel it - the way you do, Jazar.

Audio problem: The slave recruiter in the village shoots Shaft and kills his bodyguard. The Luger gun he is using has a suppressor, but the noise it makes is the noise of a normal, not 'silenced' gun. (00:56:55)

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