Rim of the World

Rim of the World (2019)


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Dariush: The circle is complete. I am your master now.
Alex: No, the line is " The circle is now complete. Now I am the master."
Dariush: Ok we really need to get you a girl. Alright we need to cut this shit out. You know too much about this Star Trek shit.

Logan: Why are we talking like black men from the 80's?
Carl: Cuz that's what they want us to do.

Dariush: It's pissed about its dog. You ever watched Marley and Me or Beethoven? It's a primal bond. It's out for revenge. Ask John Wick.

Other mistake: The girl turns on all generators in the basement of the JPL building. Yet there is no power to the basement where she is. Just flashes of light, highlighting the suspense. There is power everywhere else. (01:23:10)


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Suggested correction: The building is severely damaged. There could be several reasons why the power in the basement isn't working.


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