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Revealing mistake: During the electric shock scenes, the chairs are made of metal and hooked up to Jeep batteries. Hobbs and Shaw then proceed to smash the chairs up in the ensuing fight scene. Only for them to reappear just as the bomb goes off destroying the plant. (01:12:50 - 01:15:25)

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Revealing mistake: Brixton ends up amongst the rubble and dust of the chimney stack collapsing on and around him. However when he is stood a few seconds later there is no dust visible on his immaculate black suit. (01:19:30)

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Revealing mistake: During the car chase in the factory, Brixton jumps on the car and Hobbs and Shaw argue about who hits him first. When Shaw blows the first punch he is replaced by a very obvious stuntman who looks nothing like him. (01:18:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Locke holds up the CT17 fact sheet the article on the bottom of the page is actually the lines of the CIA Agent that talks to Shaw. Right down to remarks about Hattie. (00:18:00)

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Revealing mistake: At the start, Hattie flings her shotgun over her back, and runs forward to jump on some boxes. In this shot you see the two bad guys that she takes down stood waiting for their cue to move. (00:01:35)

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Revealing mistake: When the Russian scientist turns the flame thrower on the 3 henchmen, they are alight before he fires on them. (01:13:10)

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Revealing mistake: Shaw asks Hattie what she did and she exclaims "the big brother talk? Really?" we then hear the car accelerate, however if you watch the digital speedo, the speed is decreasing not increasing. (00:35:20)

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Factual error: The grenade booby trap in Hattie's flat gets triggered, with the pin coming out and lever comes off. Once that happens the fuse is set and there's no way to stop it exploding, but Shaw puts the pin back in and renders it inert again. (00:25:50)

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Luke Hobbs: I'm what you call an ice-cold can of whoop-ass.

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Trivia: Roman Reigns, a wrestler who is also The Rock's cousin, has a part in the film as his brother. He takes out one bad guy with a wrestling move called, appropriately, the Samoan drop. (01:40:30)


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Question: After they've defeated the villain Shaw says "you forced me to kill my own brother." Am I missing something? Last we saw in Fate of the Furious his brother was alive and well.

Answer: I believe he was referring to the villain being once like a brother to him.

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