It Chapter Two

Trivia: Several of the child-actors who portray the "Losers Club" had to be digitally "de-aged" as they had grown up tremendously in the two years between films.


Trivia: The shop-owner who sells Bill back his old bike "Silver" is played by Stephen King, author of the original "It" novel and numerous other famous books.


Trivia: Director Andy Muschietti has a cameo as a customer at the pharmacy where Eddie picks up his prescription.

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Trivia: The heavyset man speaking at the architects' meeting - the first one we see in this scene and who viewers might at first think is the adult Ben Hanscom, before realizing Ben is skyping in to the meeting - is Brandon Crane, the actor who played the young Ben Hanscom in the 1990 TV miniseries version of IT.


Trivia: Pennywise appears for only 10 minutes in the entire film.

Trivia: When Pennywise uses the spider-thing to attack the Losers and one says, "You got to be F-king kidding?!", this is in reference to John Carpenter's The Thing.

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Continuity mistake: After they find the club house Beverly tells Ben how handy he is. A bang of her hair is falling on her forehead. In the immediate next wide angle the forehead is clean.

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Pennywise: Hello.

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Question: When Eddie takes a face full of projectile sludge from the leper, is there any significance to the song "Angel of the Morning" playing, or was it just a random attempt at a joke?

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Answer: I think it's more of an attempt at a silly joke, juxtaposing the insane imagery with a tender song. But I've also seen the suggestion that it was an Easter Egg/reference to the book "The Langoliers," in which the song is mentioned. (And given the "It" films have some general Stephen King Easter Eggs referencing things from his other books, that makes sense).


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