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Corrected entry: In the first film. Henry Bowers carves the letter H into Ben's stomach. In this film, Pennywise creates the illusion of carving a word into Ben's stomach. When the illusion is broken, Ben's stomach is visible and there is no H-shaped scar where Henry previously carved him up.

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Correction: The H shaped scar from Ben's childhood is there, it's very faint but it is.

Continuity mistake: When they finally arrive at the bottom of the sewer, Eddie's bandage is on a different cheek. (01:59:00)

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Mrs. Kersch: I was always daddy's little girl. What about you? Are you still his little girl Beverly? ARE you?

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Trivia: The shop-owner who sells Bill back his old bike "Silver" is played by Stephen King, author of the original "It" novel and numerous other famous books.


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Question: When Eddie takes a face full of projectile sludge from the leper, is there any significance to the song "Angel of the Morning" playing, or was it just a random attempt at a joke?

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Answer: At the football game was on because the little girl went down to meet the clown named pennywise to be he's best friend and the end he didn't say three came up so fast and ate her up.

This isn't an answer to the question. And the poor grammar makes it hard to know what point you're trying to make.


Answer: I think it's more of an attempt at a silly joke, juxtaposing the insane imagery with a tender song. But I've also seen the suggestion that it was an Easter Egg/reference to the book "The Langoliers," in which the song is mentioned. (And given the "It" films have some general Stephen King Easter Eggs referencing things from his other books, that makes sense).


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