Little Monsters
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Maurice: Hey, dude. Come here bud. You don't know it yet, but tonight is your lucky night.
Brian Stevenson: What do you mean?
Maurice: I mean.
Brian Stevenson: I know, you're going to grant me three wishes, right?
Maurice: Wishes? Wishes? Wishes are bush-league leprechaun, pal. I'm a monster, okay. Listen to this. I'm a monster and monsters don't do wishes.
Brian Stevenson: Then what do monsters do?
Maurice: Good question. I have the time of my life.

Ronnie Coleman: Who put piss in my apple juice?

Brian Stevenson: We're in somebody elses house.
Maurice: No! Duh! Well, where did you park your squad car, Dick Tracy?

Maurice: We take the shit, we smash the shit, and then we put the shit back.

Maurice: We're the reasons why brothers hate their sisters.

Continuity mistake: When Brian spends his first night in the underground monster world he goes in wearing a shirt and boxer shorts. But a later scene shows him wearing a shirt, pants, and shoes. He then goes back home and is back in his shirt and boxer shorts.

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Suggested correction: It's entirely possible that he was able to borrow a pair of pants while down there.


I just watched the scene where Maurice and Brian pull the pranks to get the kids into trouble and he is in his pyjamas. Later in the monster world he is in a full outfit including a shirt, pants, and shoes. Then he goes back home and he is in his pyjamas again.

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