Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Visible crew/equipment: When Rick returns to his caravan after he made a bad impression on the set, as he blames himself for not be able to remember the lines and saying: "You seemed like a f****ng baboon" a shadow of someone moving appears for an instant on the board of the table in front of him on left side of the screen.

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Revealing mistake: During the fighting scene between Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee, just before Cliff takes Bruce for a leg and gets him slammed on the car's door, the pre-damage is pretty visible on it.

Continuity mistake: When Rick Dalton is talking to Jim Stacy, Jim Stacy's hat reappears on his head. (01:02:42)


Continuity mistake: During his conversation with the director, while discussing his costuming, Dalton's hair changes from messy and curled to gelled up and straight.


Continuity mistake: Cliff's dog is referred to as female but when it jumps up at a door towards the end of the film, it is male.


Continuity mistake: ***SPOILER ALERT*** Towards the end of the film, when one of the Manson Family members falls into the pool, we see the water turn red with blood. When Dalton comes back with the flamethrower, the water is clear.

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Revealing mistake: When Cliff Booth is driving Rick's Cadillac, in some angles the speedometer is showing 0 (zero) as the car is driven down the boulevard.


Factual error: Twice in the movie a Jumbo Jet (a Boeing 747) from Pan Am appears. The movie is set in 1969, when that plane had its maiden journey, but it wasn't flown commercially until 1970.


Continuity mistake: When crew members are watching the Bruce Lee fight, some are sitting comfortably and enjoying the fight, then right before Bruce gets tossed into the car, suddenly everyone is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Cliff is talking to the hippies about going to see George, the house is on his left side. We can see him from the hippie girl's point of view that is looking from George's house. When he turns and points to George's house, it's on his right hand.


Factual error: As someone already noted, the Boeing 747 didn't enter commercial service until 1970. In addition, the Pan Am 747 type shown flying the characters back to the U.S. never existed. It has the extended upper deck common to the 747-300 and -400 series (introduced in the 1980's) but with only three windows (common to some -100 and -200 types). Also it has higher bypass engines which came later.


Factual error: A Starbucks sign is in the background when Sharon Tate is talking to the girl at the front of the movie theater; this scene takes place in February 1969, and Starbucks did not exist at all until 1971 and had no locations in Southern California until the 1990s.


Continuity mistake: When Rick Dalton walks out of the saloon eating a chicken wing, he throws it into the street, where it moves around a couple of times from various takes.


Other mistake: When Cliff fights Bruce the doors are already dented before Bruce gets tossed into them.


Character mistake: In the Western scenes, when the characters are wearing spurs, they have the spur straps buckled on the wrong side (inside) of the foot. Spur strap buckles are supposed to be on the outside, not the inside, of the foot. Since it's wrong in every scene, it might be a comment on the TV show itself having low attention to detail.


Factual error: In the part where Sharon Tate goes to the theater to see her own movie, while showing the box office, you can see a modern dome security camera in the box office/ticket taking booth.


Continuity mistake: When Cliff is talking to George who says he wants to sleep to not bother Squeaky, George has both hands over his tummy, fingers crossed. A shot later his left arm is suddenly by his side.

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Continuity mistake: When Rick meets with Schwarz they have drinks on the table then don't, then do again.


Continuity mistake: While Cliff punches the hippie guy the sun changes between shots.


Factual error: When Cliff is driving back to his trailer at night, he drives past a lit Subway restaurant sign. The first Subway on the West Coast did not open until 1978 in Fresno.

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Jay Sebring: Is everyone okay?
Rick Dalton: Well... the fuckin' hippies aren't. That's for goddamn sure.

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Trivia: The director of one of Rick's Italian films is "Antonio Margheriti". That's also the alias Donny Donowitz uses in Inglorious Basterds.

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Question: What does Tex mean by "I'm as real a donut motherf'r?"Something significant?


Answer: To put some context into the scene, three members of the Manson family (Tex included) have broken into Rick Dalton's house and are holding Cliff Booth at gunpoint. Cliff, who is high on drugs asks "Are you real", to which Tex replies "I'm as real as a donut, mother fucker." Tex was trying to answer Cliff's question stating whether or not he was real, but in the most intimidating way possible, and I guess donut was the word that came to mind that described how real he was.

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