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Other mistake: When Jessie pops the tire on the RV, Bonnie's dad gets upset and says "I just bought it." Throughout the rest of the film however, he says the RV is a rental.

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Suggested correction: Not exactly a mistake considering he bought a rental.

That's a self-contradicting statement. Buying something means you have ownership of it. Renting something means you pay for its use with the understanding that it will be returned at a specified time. You can't buy a rental any more than you can rent something you buy.


Suggested correction: At best it's a character mistake. As he was exasperated as Bonnie's mother says to her "Daddy's going to use some words" apparently meaning he was going to swear.


If it's a character mistake, it's still a mistake, so no correction is needed. I think it's a valid other mistake because it's the screen writers flipping back between owning and renting, but not an actual plot hole. I've been exasperated with a rental before and never in my anger or frustration said I bought the rented item.


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Suggested correction: The letters are on the other boot that we cannot see.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Andy gives Woody to Bonnie, their interaction and how Bonnie reacts is quite different than the previous film. At the end of Toy Story 3, when Bonnie sees Woody still inside the box she says "My cowboy!," then Andy describes in detail why Woody is so special and gently hands the toy over to Bonnie, and she quietly hugs Woody. In this movie Andy is holding Woody when Bonnie says, "My cowboy!," then Andy gives the toy to Bonnie and she hugs Woody. (00:06:20)


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Suggested correction: This may not be a valid correction, but that scene was really just a summary of how it went, kind of like a backstory or a memory. In a backstory events do not have to play out exactly how and when they were, just mainly the important things that happened.


Factual error: In the antique shop, Woody is at a point where he's at the center of a tug-o-war between two sides, with the "bad toys" pulling on his draw string for his voice box. The voice box can still be heard spouting its lines, despite the fact that the tension on the string is never released allowing it to draw the string back in, which is what makes the sound. It can't make it's sounds with the string continually out in the pulled position.

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Continuity mistake: When Andy's house is shown in the previous films the driveway is on the opposite side than it is in this film.

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Suggested correction: The original driveway that leads into the garage is still there. They added a second driveway on the left side. (under Molly's window).

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Continuity mistake: When Buzz is first put on the prize board at the carnival game, Ducky and Bunny are hanging further down and Ducky is pretty much level with Buzz. Later on, they are hanging higher up and Ducky struggles to reach Buzz when trying to kick him. (00:34:22 - 00:43:00)

Continuity mistake: Woody and Bo are rescuing Forky - Bo trips Gabby and takes out a dummy but another comes from behind and snatches Woody up. Bo says "we've got to go" and the dummy who had grabbed Woody is completely gone with no explanation. (01:03:27)

Continuity mistake: When Bonnie is running toward her parents while shouting, "Mom, Dad, look what I made," Bonnie's holding her backpack's top handle with the front of the backpack facing her. Then it cuts to Bonnie running into her mother's arms, and now the backpack is positioned the opposite way with both shoulder straps facing Bonnie, as she is still gripping that backpack's top handle in her hand. (00:14:05)

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Continuity mistake: Throughout this movie we see Buzz and Woody both use their voice boxes. However the lines that are issued from them are completely different to the rest of the franchise. There are 1 or 2 (There's a snake in my boot is a good example) from previous films, but given the limited capabilities from the "late 50's" as acknowledged by Woody in the store, there should only be the few lines from the first film.


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Trivia: Don Rickles was signed on to reprise his role as Mr. Potato Head, but sadly died before recording any dialogue for the film. However with his family's approval, the production team went through everything he'd recorded in the past for the Toy Story franchise, including games, shorts, theme park material, etc. They managed to get together enough previously-unheard material that could be used for this movie, ensuring his characterisation could live on.

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