Men in Black: International

Trivia: The film features a cameo from Frank the pug, who appeared in the first two films, but was absent from "Men in Black 3." Oddly enough, despite only appearing in the film for a few seconds, Frank appears quite prominently on several posters and even on the DVD cover art for the film. (The same is true for the "worm guys," who also appear on posters and the DVD cover despite only having a brief cameo in the film).


Plot hole: Molly disturbs some birds at the hologram causing them to fly off. First off, the birds don't react realistically at all in how or where they fly to. Then secondly the birds fly directly at the fence part of the hologram and go through it. This is a visible construct to the eyes as a fence, and thus the birds would see this as an object in their way as well. Even if the birds saw what was there before and saw the hologram appear, they would not posses the knowledge or intelligence to know it was something they could just fly through and would go over it. (00:10:38)

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Agent O: You really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?
Agent M: No. But looks damn good on you.

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