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A Dog's Journey (2019)

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* SPOILERS AHEAD* At the end of the movie, CJ, and Trent get married and have a baby, not long after Ethan dies from old age. And then Bailey (Boss Dog) dies too. The Ending is Bailey running through clouds, and it shows every type of dog he has been. Then Bailey reunites with Ethan, in a place that seems like heaven. They are running through a field, and the movie ends. It's a pretty happy ending.

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Question: At Ethan's funeral at the end of the movie, his tombstone was seen. And there were names: "James W.", "Dorothy M." and "Ethan H." Who are James and Dorothy? These are definitely not Ethan's parents' names. I remember from the first movie "A Dog's Purpose" that Ethan's parents' names are Jim and Elizabeth. Then who? And what W, M and H next to the names refer to?

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Answer: Jim is often a nickname for James. But I thought Ethan's parents got divorced, so perhaps Dorothy was his 2nd wife. Although there's no reference to that name in either film. I haven't throughly checked out of the books to see if they talk about if Ethan had a stepmom and what her name would be. The letter after the first names are their middle initials.


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