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A Dog's Journey (2019)

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Continuity mistake: In A Dog's Purpose, Hannah has a daughter and a young grandson. In A Dog's Journey, the daughter and grandson no longer exist and have been replaced by a son who has died, leaving behind a widow and a much younger granddaughter.

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Suggested correction: Actually Hannah has more children than the ones show in the first movie. In the book it is explained that she had two daughters and a son.

Continuity mistake: Before Hanna says goodbye to Ethan when they are old, she has a glass of lemonade but in the next shot the glass is gone.


Question: At Ethan's funeral at the end of the movie, his tombstone was seen. And there were names: "James W.", "Dorothy M." and "Ethan H." Who are James and Dorothy? These are definitely not Ethan's parents' names. I remember from the first movie "A Dog's Purpose" that Ethan's parents' names are Jim and Elizabeth. Then who? And what W, M and H next to the names refer to?

Bunch Son

Answer: Jim is often a nickname for James. But I thought Ethan's parents got divorced, so perhaps Dorothy was his 2nd wife. Although there's no reference to that name in either film. I haven't throughly checked out of the books to see if they talk about if Ethan had a stepmom and what her name would be. The letter after the first names are their middle initials.


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