Sonic the Hedgehog

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom and Sonic pull over and the mini drone explodes, knocking Sonic unconscious, the camera pans away and you can see emergency vehicles blocking the road on the right of the screen, presumably closing down the road for filming. (00:59:55)

Continuity mistake: Robotnik's shaving his head, leaving smudges on it. A shot later his head's suddenly clean. (01:29:10)


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Longclaw: Listen carefully, Sonic. You have a power unlike anything I have ever seen, and that means someone will always want it. The only way to stay safe is to stay hidden. (00:02:47)

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Trivia: The town in the movie is called "Green Hills." This is a reference to "Green Hill Zone," which was the name of the first level in the very first "Sonic" video-game. Additionally, a piano rendition of the "Green Hill Zone" music is played towards the end of the film. (00:03:55)


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Question: This is a two part question: firstly if Crazy Carl was onto Sonic why didn't he find any of Sonic's quills when Tom found one without even looking for one? Secondly: what happened to the ring that Sonic threw and bounced of the robot, did he get it back, or will it play a part in getting Robotnick back in the possible sequel?

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Answer: First, it seems Sonic doesn't shed his quills that easily. Tom found one just by sheer luck. Second, yes that ring is likely going to play a part in the sequel.

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