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I rented this movie from RedBox.

I was pleasantly surprised with how good this movie actually turned out. It does feel like that bad trope of the fantasy characters being stuck in the "real world" with humans helping them... like Smurfs or Chipmonks and the likes. But this one actually did it pretty good. A lot of stuff was invented or made up for this Sonic and his "origins" but in the confines of this movie it works.
What strikes me the most in this is the humor. This movie is legit really funny, and not all just because of Jim Carry. He was a large source for the laughs, but Sonic himself was funny, and also Marsden.

This is a fun ride, and I'm eager to get my son to see it as well. Hopefully it's only up from here with the quality of video game adaptation movies. It's been a rough ride for that type of film.

Mistake Status: I'm eagerly awaiting to dive into this. I'll be buying the DVD soon and I have a USB DVD drive coming in the mail for my laptop so I can start mistake searching movies from DVDs again.

Quantom X Premium member

9.7/10.A pretty good video game movie.I found it interesting when I saw the trailer as well as movie clips.I bought a dvd copy, watched it and was amazed.Here you had a video game character done well and with a good design.The plot was thought out with good performances from James Marsden, his first good one since Enchanted, and Jim Carrey, his first good one since Dumb and Dumber 2.I praise Ben Schwartz as he sounded perfect as Sonic.I can only hope like other people they don't throw out the sequel after letting it be in developmental hell.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, we see a portion of the climax where Robotnik is chasing Sonic. At one point in the very first shot, he runs up the side of a building, onto the roof, then back down. However, when we see the complete chase at the end of the film, he never runs up that building.


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Trivia: On the rooftop in San Francisco, at one point Sonic starts tapping his foot and looks at his wrist. This is a reference to the "idle animations" from the first few "Sonic" games for the Sega Genesis, in which he does something similar if the player doesn't push any buttons for a while.


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Answer: Robotnik is a genius inventor and the quill is an incredible source of energy, so presumably he will use it to power whatever invention he can create that will help him escape the Mushroom Planet and return to Earth.

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