The Silence

Plot hole: Within only a few days, cults have formed looking for fertile women? Not remotely likely.

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Suggested correction: Exactly how is this not remotely likely in a fictitious horror film involving an outbreak situation (and state of emergency) that has never happened before. It's not a plot hole when irrational, terrified, or crazy people do irrational, terrifying, crazy things.


The plot hole is spot on, no way does society break down in total anarchy in just a few days, you're basically saying all law enforcement and military agencies will somehow cease to exist.

Not cease to exist, but certainly have other things to do than investigate a few random cults. Who'd to say they'd even know these cults have formed?

Plot hole: The creatures were sealed in a cave in Pennsylvania originally - no food, etc. How did they survive, breed, and so easily adapt after escape?

Erik M.

Factual error: When they first get attacked in the mini van, the side windows crack and get scratches. (You can see the "spider webbing"). A side window shatters in small pieces when they crack slightly.

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Trivia: The Vesps are at least partially based upon Goblin Sharks, with their strange jaws.

Erik M.

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Question: The military response was subdued - wouldn't they try to 1) Poison the creatures? 2) Make a noise then slaughter then en masse? 3) Use a tank and noise to lure them in and kill them with machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Stealthy SEAL teams on a search-and-destroy mission? Drones?

Erik M.

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