Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Other mistake: When Godzilla emerges from the sea towards the end of the movie, what is he standing on? You can see the submarine at the side of him so the water must be reasonably deep. Then he just swims away. (01:37:15)


Other mistake: Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham say 17 MUTOs (and counting) have been identified, but they show at least 18 (Russia, Germany, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Scotland, Japan, China, Cambodia, Australia, Skull Island, Bermuda, Brazil, Peru, Wyoming, Arizona, Stone Mountain [Georgia], and Isla de Mara) as Dr. Mark Russell thumbs through the map screens on the tablet. This doesn't include "Monster Zero" in Antarctica (making it 19, but they claim it was kept off the books on purpose a little later in the movie.) If they have at least 18 confirmed on the map, why not say 18 and counting, especially since they run Monarch, you'd think they'd know the accurate "updated" count as more MUTOs are found.

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Suggested correction: Dr. Serizawa actually says "17 and counting 'after Godzilla'" which means that including Godzilla, there are 18 titans.

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Continuity mistake: When Monster Zero is standing victorious over the Mexican city, a traffic light changes from red to yellow.

Brian Katcher

Revealing mistake: When they are in Antarctica, people are just running around without hats or gloves, and we don't see their breath.

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Suggested correction: This is a common fallacy. You don't always see your breath just because it's cold. It also depends on humidity. If it's very dry, you won't see your breath.

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Suggested correction: During Antarctica's summer season, temperatures can go up to 50° Fahrenheit.

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Mark Russell: How many of these things are there?
Madison Russell: One, two.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Seventeen - And counting.

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Trivia: Several times through the film Skull Island is mentioned in a nod to King Kong.

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