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Trivia: The scene in which John pieces together a custom revolver using parts from various 19th century guns is a reference to the classic western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." There's a scene in that film where the character Tuco does the exact same thing in a gun shop.


Trivia: Despite appearing in all three films, this is the first movie in the series where the Continental's receptionist Charon is referred to by name on-screen.


Trivia: Despite being released over a five-year period, the events of the three "John Wick" films transpire over the course of only roughly one month.


Trivia: Director Chad Stahelski makes a cameo on the street while John is riding the horse.


Revealing mistake: During the escape after the crippling of Berrada, there's a sequence where one of Sofia's dogs gets under her legs and she pets him briefly before launching him to attack one of the bad guys biting him exactly in the crotch. She then shoots him twice in the face putting him out of his misery. Under the person's shirt you can see the squared profile of protective padding. (01:00:00)

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Winston: Jonathan, what have you done?

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Question: How was John expected to kill Winston? It's made clear killing anyone on continental grounds results in death, so why was the adjudicator insisting John kill Winston whilst inside the continental? Wouldn't he technically be excommunicado all over again for breaking the most important rule?

Answer: Winston had broken the rules by allowing John to escape in the first place before trying to kill him. This effectively nullified the Continental's immunity while Winston was in charge do to himself breaking the rules. Therefor, John would not be breaking any further rules by killing him on the Continental grounds as it had been desanctified, and thus John would have been cleaning it to allow it become such once more and clearing his own name.

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