Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: When the T-1000 is in the helicopter and loads his machine gun he uses two hands, where is the hand that was steering the chopper? later we see the third arm coming from just behind his armpit/ribs (slo mo helps).

Carlo Cappalonga

Correction: The T-1000 is able to generate another hand to he can reload and steer the chopper at the same time. This is already listed in trivia for that reason.

Kirill Ostapenko

Corrected entry: Sarah Connors armpits are clean shaven. Would mental patients with a history of stabbing people have access to razorblades?

Correction: I don't know what the rules are in mental facilities, but there are plenty of safety razors out there which would be difficult to cut yourself or someone else with, even if you tried. She may have been allowed use of one of those under supervision. Or she could have used an electric razor, or hair removal cream.


Corrected entry: When Arnie is thrown by the T-1000 through the store window during the fight in the mall, a bystander takes some pictures of him. The bystander is standing on Arnie's left, so the pictures should be of his left profile. When we see the pictures later on, however, they show a head-on view. (00:43:10)


Correction: The pictures we see later are not the ones the bystander took, but stills taken from the CCTV cameras. In the onlooker's photos, Arnie would have been lying down but in the photos shown to Sarah he is standing - there is even an out-of-focus woman standing behind him.

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: The T1000(and the pilot he replaced)are shown flying the helicopter from the left hand seat. Helicopters unlike aeroplanes are flown from the right hand seat.

Correction: The pilot was in the right hand seat. The T-1000 smashed the glass and poured in the seat next to him - the left, meaning the pilot must have been sitting in the right seat.

Corrected entry: When the T-1000 and the T-800 first come face to face, the T-800 pushes John Connor through a door to get him away from the gunfire. The two cyborgs then proceed to empty their guns into each other, finally resulting in the T-1000 being knocked from its feet. Now, why did the T-1000 waste its time (and ammunition that could have been used to pick off Connor) firing a 9mm at the T-800 (when weapons of this sort do no serious damage to its endoskeleton), when it could have strode up and did much more damage with its hands/blades? Surely a Terminator would know the strengths and weaknesses of a fellow SkyNet soldier?

Correction: This falls under the heading of "why didn't this happen?" For one thing, it's far more likely that the T-1000 was actually trying to shoot John - John was only protected because Terminator used his own body as a shield.

Phil C.

The idea that terminators are not programmed to fight/kill one another is an important plot point in Terminator 3. The T-X was specifically designed to combat other terminators.


Corrected entry: We learned in the first film that dogs react to Terminators. Hence, shouldn't Enrique's dogs and the dogs at the rest stop have been going nuts when he was there?


Correction: In the first scene shown there, as soon as Enrique and the rest come out of hiding, you CAN hear at least one dog barking continuously in the background. In most of the other scenes there in the desert, the Terminator is either out of sight (underground in the weapons bunker, underneath the truck), or the scenes take place after obviously quite some time has passed. Perhaps by then the dogs have had time enough to get used to his presence.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: At the steel mill, the T-800 sneaks up behind the T-1000 while he is threatening Sarah Connor, and he hits him with a pole. The T-1000 spins around, and hits the T-800 across the face. We can see the pole fly out of his hands. However, in the next shot, the pole is still impaled in the T-1000.

Correction: He most certainly does NOT "spin around and hit him across the face". He spins to the left and kicks out with his left leg, sending Terminator flying backwards. Because the pole is stuck in the right side of the T-1000, such an action would cause it to swing upwards and to the left when seen from an angle that is showing Terminator - which is exactly what we see, the pole swinging upwards and out of the frame.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: After the battle in the hospital hallway, almost all of the unconscious orderlies and guards have disappeared when the camera angle changes from the perspective of the elevator facing the T-1000 running down the hallway.


Correction: No, actually, they haven't. The guard who was thrown through the window was tossed through the window of a door on the cross hallway, which isn't visible from the elevator. The female guard was likewise thrown down that same hallway. That leaves the black guard and the one with the mustache, both of whom are still lying near the wall around Silberman's feet; in fact, after the Terminator has split the T-1000's head open with the shotgun, you can see the black guard stirring and trying to get up.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The T-1000 is a super advanced killing machine. When he comes upon the scene where the T-800 has just found Sarah, he stands behind the cage door for several seconds unnoticed by the people on the other side. He has a gun, and a perfect opportunity to kill John Connor from a distance of less than 25 yards, an easy shot for a human. Instead, he chooses to walk through the bars, and reveal himself as the killer.

Correction: There may be several reasons why he didn't shoot. The bars of the door may have restricted the bullet. He may not have been able to get a clean shot, and so would have alerted Sarah and the T-800 to his presence anyway. Also, if he started shooting from the other side of the door, he may have deducted that John may have run, and knew that going through the door would have taken precious seconds. If he starts shooting from the same side as John, then seconds are cut off the chase.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dyson is trying to open the locker with the key in it, the silent alarm has already been activated, however there is a quick shot of a computer monitor that doesn't say "alert" on it. You can also see the screen right next to him the first time he tries to open the locker without "alert" written across the screen. When he goes to look at it and the monitor, all of a sudden it says "alert". (01:31:15)

Correction: The first shot of that monitor shows a screen that appears to be transitioning from one state to another - look at the graphics on it. It is possible that the silent alarm has just then been tripped and it is shifting from whatever process it was in to a locked-down state.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the movie when Dr. Silberman introduces the team of shrinks to Sarah, she asks him how his knee is. He tells the team that she stabbed him in the knee a few weeks ago. Later in the movie, she says that her behavior has been good for six months, therefore deserving a transfer to minimum security wing, where she can see her son. How can that be if she stabbed the doctor only a few weeks before? (00:23:50)

Correction: No, Silberman had said that if she showed IMPROVEMENT after six months that she would deserve such a transfer. He also said that her attitude has been "much improved...lately", implying that her behavior before that has not been so good. And finally, he DOES deny her the transfer to minimum security that she wants, showing that she has NOT been the good girl she is trying to act the part of.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Sarah, Arnie and John escape from the hospital, Sarah orders the policeman to leave his car, and shoots the windscreen. When Arnie throws him out the way, the mark's disappeared. (01:01:00)

Correction: Look again. The spiderweb crack is there, near the top center of the windshield. The submitter may have mistaken it for glare from a light, but it isn't.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John is on his bike and is being chased by T-1000 in the semi, if you listen very closely, that bike has over 15 gears. (00:31:00)

Correction: What you have mistaken for gear-shifting sounds is often John throttling up or down as he weaves around the trash and debris littering his path, makes sharp turns, or flies up ramps. The gear changes you can hear are completely in character with the behavior of the bike at the time - speeding up and slowing down. The few times John is running flat-out with nothing ahead of him, there are no gear changes heard.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Arnold, Sarah, and John are escaping in the mental hospital elevator and T-1000 spikes are coming through the ceiling, Arnold tells the others to "Get down", and John sits down. A moment later, John is standing.

Correction: He didn't tell them to sit down. John may have simply crouched, and then stood back up.

Corrected entry: How come in one of the final scenes the T-1000 at first needs Sarah to call for Johnny when just a few minutes later he can easily transform into Sarah's shape and call for Johnny himself? He's already sampled her from when he scratched her in the lift earlier. (02:11:00)

Correction: The T-1000 needs to consciously sample a subject - otherwise its memory systems would be filled to capacity with everything that it comes into contact with, which would not be efficient. When it scratches Sarah in the lift, it's attempting to kill them, not take samples. Sampling presumably takes a short but finite time, and, in the end sequence, John may be getting further away. It would save time (and probably sound more authentic) to get Sarah to call for John herself during the sampling process. It's only when that doesn't work that the T-1000 makes the decision to switch to Sarah's form.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In one scene, the police shows Sarah a picture of Arnie taken from a surveillance camera at a police station in 1984. But in that picture, Arnie has the same haircut as in the rest of the film. In the first Terminator film, Arnie has longer hair and a different haircut. (00:42:50)

Correction: In the first film during the police station sequence, Arnold did have shorter hair. He cut it himself after reparing his eye and arm.

It's true that he has a different hairstyle during the police station sequence, but it wasn't cut by the terminator himself. The T-800 is set on fire during the foot chase in the alley after the nightclub sequence. From that point forward, the terminator has the "spiky" hairstyle for the rest of the movie. James Cameron chose to have the T-800 in T2 have a look closer to the look the character sported in the final 2/3 of the original film (spiky hair, leather jacket, sunglasses, motorcycle) because that is how the character is most remembered by audiences.


Corrected entry: When Arnie rescues Sarah who is under gunfire from the office, look closely after they start to walk off from the hole in the wall, you can can see someone walk past the hole in the wall.

gandolfs dad

Correction: The only person seen jumping past the hole in the wall is John Connor, who was actually a character in the movie; not a crew member.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when the T-1000 is in the tanker truck chasing John, Arnie, and Sarah, Arnie fires his grenade launcher and all the bullet does is dent the grill work on the tanker truck. (02:01:45)

Correction: The grenade launcher Arnie is firing is an m79. The rounds for them only arm themselves after 19 metres or so of flight.

Corrected entry: Sarah Connor is in the maximum security wing of a mental hospital, and she picks the lock of her cell with a paperclip. What sort of maximum security is this? The Escape At Your leisure kind? Why on earth is there a keyhole on the inside of the door?

Correction: To allow orderlies and workers to exit with the keys they carry.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: If John Connor is only 10, why is he allowed to own and ride a motorcycle without the police saying or doing anything?

Correction: One, John looks much older than his ten years, so any cop that saw him might believe he was old enough to ride the bike legally. Two, who says the police never say or do anything? We know that John has already had several brushes with the law; the bike is just another example.

Phil C.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone. (01:56:35)

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Dr. Silberman: You broke my arm!
Sarah Connor: There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.

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Suggested correction: In one of the special features on the Blu-ray version, director James Cameron can be seen holding and shooting the minigun, while saying: "Arnold's gonna love this."

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Question: Why did the T-1000 kill the officer in the beginning and steal his clothes? Later we see the uniform heal so we know he can create clothing.


Answer: He didn't steal his clothes, but copied them. He can only copy things that he physically touches. He had to touch the cop to take on his look. Also since the cop was a witness to this ruthless killing machine, it needed to kill him to protect itself from being discovered too soon. The Terminator is an infiltration unit on an assassination mission to kill John Connor. As advanced as it is, it needs as little attention drawn to it as possible. Having the entire police force chasing him down would not be ideal for his goal to get Connor and would inevitably slow him down and risk allowing Connor a better chance of escape. The T 1000 also is an emotionless machine programmed by other machines that are intent on killing off all humans in the future. It doesn't value human life, and if anything has been programmed to regard them as a pest to be dealt with. The cop was a means to an ends and an obstacle to take out. As well, the cop did also posses a weapon, and was the T-1000's quickest way to get his hands on a gun.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: While the T-1000 did kill the officer at the beginning (which is pretty much standard behavior for Terminators), it didn't steal the officer's clothes. It merely sampled the officer's appearance as soon as it touched him. However, it did steal the officer's firearm, because the T-1000 could not mimic complex mechanical objects or weapons (it could only mimic stabbing and cutting weapons).

Charles Austin Miller

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