Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: The first movie takes place in 1984 and this one takes place in 1991 making John seven at the most. However, his police file says he is ten.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The movie was *released* in 1991, but it actually takes place in 1994. The Terminator states that Cyberdyne becomes the largest supplier of military computer systems and Skynet goes online in August 1997. He also says he was given orders by John "35 years from now," which would coincide with the 2029 date.

JC Fernandez

Correction: The chain is obviously made out of a metal that has a higher melting point than steel. Steel, on average, will melt at about 2500°F - 2800°F. But there are a number of metals that don't begin melting until MUCH higher temps are reached. Titanium's melting point is over 3000°F, and even more impressive is Tungsten's melting point at over 5500°F.

Corrected entry: When hiding in the gas station, the T-800 mentions to Sara and John that it has "detailed files on the human anatomy". However, when they are escaping the hospital, and John is crying, he asks "what's wrong with your eyes?" Though he may not understand the emotional motives for crying, he should know about it in a biological sense, and thus know that it is happening.

Correction: Tears serve non-emotion purpose as well. They provide lubrication and rinse out debris. Seeing tears and unaware of the emotional motives, T-800 assumes something must be in John's eyes and asks a reasonable question.


Corrected entry: In the sequence where the T-1000 is on the back of the police car with the hook hands, he smashes the rear window. The amount of glass left on the window changes seven times.

Correction: It was badly damaged so more glass could've fallen out through time.

Corrected entry: The computer that the T-1000 reads in the police car at the beginning states that John is 10 years old and was born in February of 1985. Also Sarah Conner is said to be 29 in this film, she was about 19 when she had John, also reinforcing the fact that John is supposed to be 10 years old. It is obvious both by the appearance of the actor and the behaviour of the character that he would be about 14 or 15 years old rather than the prescribed 10.

Correction: How is it obvious? He might very well "look" older, but his mother was arrested for blowing up a building, and sent to an institution for her story about the future. He has gone from his mom dating all these guys and training him for the future war, which she told him all about, to living with a foster family. His behavior is likely the result of the fact that he was pyscologically damaged, and that nobody ever really gave a care about him after his mom was taken away, as he is rebelling.


Corrected entry: After Sarah shoots Dyson and he's lying on the ground by the magazines, look at his left shoulder. In the first shot he has blood all over his shoulder but in the next shot it is smaller and in one concentrated spot.

Correction: Duplicate entry.


Corrected entry: As the police arrive at the Cyberdyne offices, there are several shot of different police officers racking and aiming their shotguns. When the first officer does it, however, he doesn't rack it but you hear the sound.

Correction: The sound you hear is the one of the other officers racking their gun.

Corrected entry: While rescuing Sarah, the Terminator tells her "come with me if you want to live" - this is the same thing Reese tells her in the first film.

Correction: This is far too obvious to be trivia. The whole point of him saying that is that she reacts with shock that a terminator would say the same thing Reese did.

Corrected entry: When T-800 encounters John for the first time, he gets the gun out of the box, points it in John's direction, says "Get down" and only then do we see T-1000 enter the hallway. Even if this was scripted so as to be more dramatic, it still doesn't make much sense. Why would T-800 anticipate T-1000's presence?

Correction: Not understanding why a character does something is not the same as being a mistake. Even if that was the case there are a couple of points to consider. Firstly the shot is not in full motion so its hard to compare whether the T-800 had or hadn't seen the T-1000. Secondly the shot seems to show he is pointing the gun at about the time the T-1000 is turning the corner so its not hard to believe being as sophisticated as he is that he spotted him immediately.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sarah and John drive the pickup into the steel mill, they end up crashing into a wall at 25 to 35 miles per hour. Neither is wearing seat belts. Yet they are not launched through the windshield and do not get injured at all. (02:03:50)

Correction: John is driving and braced for the crash. Sarah is already injured. They hit a forklift, not a wall. They don't go through the windshield as they ducked when they saw the fork coming at them. Lastly, lots of people walk away from wrecks that happen at far faster speeds. Not impossible, and not a mistake.


Corrected entry: After the semi crashes into the pylon in the aqueduct, it explodes and there is a shot of the T-800 driving away with John. You see a plywood board fly off the pylon.

Correction: Two of the boards glued to the support pylon were blown off by the bigger-than-expected blast. See screen-shots.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when the T-1000 controlled police helicopter bears down on the SWAT truck, look closely at the T-1000 while he is driving and you can see a third hand steering while he is firing his gun.

Correction: This has been corrected several times, and is listed both on the "corrections" page and under "trivia". The T-1000 is a shapechanger, he can grow extra appendages when he needs to.


Corrected entry: After Terminator has arrived from the future and is walking towards the bar, the camera is reflected in the small window in the door before he opens it.

Correction: I have looked through this scene and shot in particular and I cannot see any reflection of a camera.

Corrected entry: During the freeway chase scene in the helicopter, when T-1000 follows the SWAT car under the first overpass, as the T-1000 reloads his gun you can see a third arm under his own right arm flying the helicopter. When he flies over the second overpass and fires his gun, you can again see his left arm firing and another left arm beneath his own flying the helicopter.

Correction: This mistake has been submitted and corrected many times, along with being listed in the trivia section. Since the T-1000 is liquid metal he could easily generate a third arm from out of nowhere.


Corrected entry: When the T-1000 pulls the guy in the truck out, look closely and you can see the guy deliberately jumping out (he raises his arms and you can see him bend down.).

Correction: He is trying his best to cooperate so he won't be hurt (or worse), and is half thrown and half jumps out of his van.

Corrected entry: The chip is shown several times during the movie and the T-800's one is mentioned at the end of it. But where's the T-1000's one? He's shot (even in the head), crashed, burnt, frozen, takes the dimension of a paper sheet to look like the floor and even explodes but he still works perfectly showing no system failure. And he also shows no need of power or battery whatsoever.

Correction: No one ever states that T-1000 has a chip, or even that he needs one. He is a much more advanced model, remember? For a machine made from liquid metal, that can take any shape it wants, it is not a long stretch to assume that its memory is part of its molecular structure or similar. And just because we never see him powering up, it does not mean that he never does.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, the T-1000 is naked, and so he puts on real clothing. However, whenever he changes shape, the clothes also morph as though they were part of him, which they aren't.

Correction: The T-1000 doesn't put on the clothes, he samples them. For instance when he becomes the security guard, the guy steps where the T-1000 is on the ground and he takes that sampling to become a replica of the guy- there are two of them, and two sets of clothes. The data for the clothing is in the T-1000, so he can make it change and appear/disappear as he wishes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-1000 is frozen by liquid nitrogen, he shatters after being shot from a pistol by the T-800. You will notice that once in little pieces of metal his clothes are still intact, only frozen (Note: The belt). If the T-1000 was entirely metal which he is, the clothing should have shattered also. (01:54:15)

Correction: In my physics class they did the trick where they froze a ballon in liquid N and shattered it. Because the whole thing was not dipped in it did not freeze evenly and when they shattered it parts were left that flopped around like normal rubber while others crushed and broke. The same thing happened to the T-1000, not all of him came into contact with the liquid N.

Corrected entry: Doesn't the Terminator know what human tears are? After all, he does have "detailed files" on human anatomy.

Correction: He knows WHAT they are - what he asks is "WHY do you cry?" Human emotional responses would be dismissed as irrelevant by the machines so he wouldn't be likely to carry information on those.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator is changing the starter motor on the truck, he asks John Connor for a torque wrench. Wouldn't the robot know the exact torque his arm is applying to the socket wrench?

Correction: No, there is no reason that they would build a "torque sensor" into his arm. Also, his knowledge of 20th Century auto repair would have been written by humans which would say to use a torque wrench so he would want to use a torque wrench whether he needed to or not.


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Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Terminator and the T-1000 are fighting in the corridors of The Galleria, the Terminator has fired multiple shots at the T-1000. When he gets up off the floor, the Terminator throws him into the left wall and the impact hole is already visible before he hits. (00:31:45)


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The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Suggested correction: In one of the special features on the Blu-ray version, director James Cameron can be seen holding and shooting the minigun, while saying: "Arnold's gonna love this."

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Question: Why did the T-1000 kill the officer in the beginning and steal his clothes? Later we see the uniform heal so we know he can create clothing.


Answer: He didn't steal his clothes, but copied them. He can only copy things that he physically touches. He had to touch the cop to take on his look. Also since the cop was a witness to this ruthless killing machine, it needed to kill him to protect itself from being discovered too soon. The Terminator is an infiltration unit on an assassination mission to kill John Connor. As advanced as it is, it needs as little attention drawn to it as possible. Having the entire police force chasing him down would not be ideal for his goal to get Connor and would inevitably slow him down and risk allowing Connor a better chance of escape. The T 1000 also is an emotionless machine programmed by other machines that are intent on killing off all humans in the future. It doesn't value human life, and if anything has been programmed to regard them as a pest to be dealt with. The cop was a means to an ends and an obstacle to take out. As well, the cop did also posses a weapon, and was the T-1000's quickest way to get his hands on a gun.

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Answer: While the T-1000 did kill the officer at the beginning (which is pretty much standard behavior for Terminators), it didn't steal the officer's clothes. It merely sampled the officer's appearance as soon as it touched him. However, it did steal the officer's firearm, because the T-1000 could not mimic complex mechanical objects or weapons (it could only mimic stabbing and cutting weapons).

Charles Austin Miller

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