Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: As the pilot of the SWAT helicopter opens the door and jumps out, he looks as though he is preparing for a stunt jump - possible for a mat which was below. If I was in that situation, I would not care so much as preparing myself for such an event, as to be flapping my arms in terror.


Correction: That would be your opinion/point of view. Me personally, I would prepare myself landing on the ground. Just like the pilot.


Corrected entry: When T-1000 crashes the truck into the wall as he veers up a slope, if you watch it carefully it is blatantly obvious that there is noone inside the truck itself.Furthermore, if all it took was an explosion to cripple him (seen towards the end of the film), why did this particular one not cripple him?


Correction: An explosion within his body is completely different to an explosion externally. i.e. Firecracker on an open hand versus an firecracker in a closed fist. As for the empty truck, another entry has already been submitted.


Corrected entry: DVD version. In the elevator scene, after Arnie shoots the T-1000 in the head, you can see the Doctor behind standing against the window. Three seconds later, after the shot inside the elevator where Sarah Connor asks what the fuck is going on, you see the T-1000 again in the next shot, but the Doctor has made a quick exit. (01:00:05)

Correction: If I had just watched the T-1000 walk through a wall of bars and Arnie take 10-15 bullets without flinching, I would make a "quick exit" too. Probably one approaching the speed of sound. And can you see the floor in that scene? He might have fainted and be out of the camera's view.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Sarah says that the first terminator attacked her in 1984. This makes no sense. There are two ways to think about it. 1: John looks about thirteen years old, but thirteen years after the attack is 1997. Judgement Day. There wouldn't be enough time to have the third movie. 2: John's police record says he is ten, but that would mean the year is 1994. He is definitely not 13 in the third movie.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The only real mistake here, is that the actor playing John looks older than 10. The 2nd movie takes place in 1994, when John is suppose to be 10. The 3rd movie takes place in 2004, when he is suppose to be 20. The 3rd movie can happen in 2004, because the events of the 2nd movie delayed judgment day from 1997 to 2004.


Corrected entry: As Sarah drags Douglas into the room after she has hit him in the nose, his foot snags his flashlight and it follows him through the door. In the next shot, it is back in the hallway again.

Correction: No, there is a piece of the broom handle lying on the floor before and after he gets dragged into the room. At no time does the flashlight reappear.


Corrected entry: As John and the Terminator speed away from the burning tow truck, you can easily see a tire track from a previous take.

Correction: This type of 'mistake' has been posted and corrected on numerous films. The scene is taking place on a busy thoroughfare. Why does the skidmark have to be from a previous take? Why not a vehicle which used the road previously?

Corrected entry: The T-1000 rides his Harley out of the burning Cyberdyne building and jumps on the chopper as it flies past. But the helicopter is flying far too low. Chopper pilots are trained to stay above the "dead man's curve" which governs the minimum height for any given speed. Below this height, the pilot can't "auto-rotate" and in case of engine failure the chopper drops like a rock. There are also too many poles, power lines etc. around the labatory to fly safely and the pilot is far too erratic in his maneuvering. No trained police pilot would pull the stunts seen in the film for safety reasons, whether he had a tactical reason to fly that low or not.

Joe Moldovan

Correction: There's no such thing as absolutes in human behavior. All the training in the world doesn't change a person's nature. We don't know if this pilot is prone to being overzealous, so we can't say he would or wouldn't do any such thing.


Corrected entry: Just before Arnold jumps his bike into the underground tunnels, we see that the end he leaps off is a sharp corner. In the next shot of him jumping, that sharp corner is now flat.

Correction: Not so. Both angles were filmed at the very same location- no difference exists. Watch the scenes again to spot the blunt end in both shots.


Corrected entry: When John tells the Terminator to stand on one foot, you can see that he is actually resting the raised leg on a black stool.

Correction: No stool of any kind is ever visible. The closest thing I can find is a side-view showing a car tires (black) that is next to the T-800's leg. It's finger tips are visible under it's thigh. See my screen-shot. No error here.

Corrected entry: Listen to Sarah Conner's bare feet as she runs through the insane asylum. Her feet squeak on the floor with the sound of regular shoes.

Correction: Bare feet on a freshly waxed floor can sound like shoes.

Corrected entry: In Sara Connor's dream the nuke goes off and the buildings are exploding, the buildings structures remain but when you are that close to a nuclear blast, metals instantly vaporise.

Correction: In Sarah's dreams with the nuke, as she is not a nuclear scientist, she would not know exactly how different objects would behave so close to a nuclear blast, and as it is a dream, it does not have to obey the natural laws (physics etc.).

Corrected entry: When the T-1000's truck crashes in the aqueduct, it explodes, and the T-800 gets his gun ready. We see the flaming tire rolling out, the T-800 aims at it, thinking it's the T-1000, but a few seconds later realizes that it's just a tire, and puts the gun away. He has remarkable optics and should be able to see that a tire is in no way the enemy.


Correction: The T-800 knows the T-1000 can mimic anything it has touched. Until he is sure the T-1000 has not mimicked a rolling tyre to get past his defences, it is a legitimate target.

Corrected entry: When the T-1000 has entered the Cyberdyne building on his motorcycle, he can be seen driving up some steps. Later, right before he soars out of the window on his bike, he looks out of the window and sees the truck driving away on the same level. Unless that truck was flying, it shouldn't be on the same floor as the bike.

Correction: Why not? Entry into the stairway could very well be below street level. So when he drives the bike out of the window, he is up a few levels in the building but level to street level.


Corrected entry: The T800 uses the old trick of hot wiring a car by ripping off the steering column cover in the car in the desert. But in doing so, he is grimacing. Is it hurting the big, strong cyborg?

Correction: The terminators are designed to look as human as possible. A normal person would get suspicious if he saw someone performing heavy lifting or tasks involving strength if the person doing them was not showing some signs of fatigue or frustration.

Corrected entry: When Sarah Connor is shooting up Dyson's home with her M16, her head is bobbing wildly up and down as she is firing the weapon on full automatic. There is NO recoil to an M16. I know, for I was in the service and fired an M16 many times. (01:36:50)


Correction: The M16 has a light recoil but it's recoil nonetheless. There are dozens of videos showing someone of Sarah's approximate size firing an M16 on full auto reacting more to the recoil than Sarah does.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Terminator appears for the first time he arrives in a sphere that burns everything in its way, the tires from the trailer are affected by this but the trailer doesn't fall down like it should. (00:06:20)

Correction: Since the trailer has dual rear axles, and only the rear-most pair of tires were chopped, there's no reason an empty trailer would drop the slightest bit, and we can see thru the opening that there's no cargo near to new hole.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-1000 has copied Janelle and is talking on the phone in her kitchen, there are two plastic water bottles on top of the refrigerator. A moment later after the T-1000 changes back into its policeman form, one of the water bottles has disappeared and the other has moved. (00:42:30)

Correction: The later camera angle is so low, the refrigerator is blocking the view of the other bottles. It can't be known if they are no longer there.


Corrected entry: In "The Terminator," Reese explains to the police that the time disruptor has been destroyed, meaning he can't get back to his future: "No one goes back. No one else gets through. It's just him and me." T2 ignores this, and it is never explained.

Correction: Just because something is not explained in a film, that doesn't make it a mistake. Skynet sent two Terminators back - one to 1984 to target Sarah Connor, one to 1994 to target John Connor as a failsafe measure in case the first one failed. Reese was sent back to 1984, where that situation is exactly what he says it is; it's just him against the Terminator and nobody else is coming to help. The reprogrammed T-800 was sent back to 1994 to face the T-1000, then Connor's forces destroyed the timejump apparatus. Nothing there contradicts Reese's statement.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Dyson is heading for the vault with the first terminator's chip and arm, he walks through a door and holds it open for the cameraman following him. It kind of looks like he's holding it open for the audience... (00:25:35)

Correction: Some people instinctively hold doors open as they walk through in case people are behind them. Not a mistake.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: The tanker truck continues to drive on even after having a grenade explode in its grille. No vehicle, no matter how large, can withstand a fully-armed RPG grenade. The truck's engine would have been damaged beyond repair.

Correction: First: It wasn't a Rocket Powered Grenade (RPG), it was an M79 grenade launcher, which fires a fragmentation grenade. Would damage a truck but not necessarily disable it.

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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is driving the truck, he drives off a bridge and the windshield pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back. (00:33:45)

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The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Trivia: The insert car driver (towing the bike ridden by Eddie Furlong) was warned at the very beginning of the scene where John rides out of the mall and the T-1000 is chasing him, that Robert Patrick could run exceptionally well. The driver confidently said that Patrick wouldn't catch him. However, on the very first take, Patrick ran right up and tapped Furlong on the shoulder. So if this was real life, the human race would be in trouble.

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Question: Why did the T-1000 kill the officer in the beginning and steal his clothes? Later we see the uniform heal so we know he can create clothing.


Answer: He didn't steal his clothes, but copied them. He can only copy things that he physically touches. He had to touch the cop to take on his look. Also since the cop was a witness to this ruthless killing machine, it needed to kill him to protect itself from being discovered too soon. The Terminator is an infiltration unit on an assassination mission to kill John Connor. As advanced as it is, it needs as little attention drawn to it as possible. Having the entire police force chasing him down would not be ideal for his goal to get Connor and would inevitably slow him down and risk allowing Connor a better chance of escape. The T 1000 also is an emotionless machine programmed by other machines that are intent on killing off all humans in the future. It doesn't value human life, and if anything has been programmed to regard them as a pest to be dealt with. The cop was a means to an ends and an obstacle to take out. As well, the cop did also posses a weapon, and was the T-1000's quickest way to get his hands on a gun.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: While the T-1000 did kill the officer at the beginning (which is pretty much standard behavior for Terminators), it didn't steal the officer's clothes. It merely sampled the officer's appearance as soon as it touched him. However, it did steal the officer's firearm, because the T-1000 could not mimic complex mechanical objects or weapons (it could only mimic stabbing and cutting weapons).

Charles Austin Miller

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