Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: When John finally gets his motorbike started and drives frantically through the mall car park with the T-1000 in pursuit, he presents a clear target on at least four occasions. Why doesn't the T-1000 just draw his gun and shoot him? Don't tell me he's worried about hitting a bystander - he kills lots of innocent people, and he uses his gun many, many times during the film - it isn't something he doesn't know how to do. He can't be worried about making a spectacle of himself and blowing his cover, either - driving a truck into a sewer will do that, every time, quite apart from the fact that as far as anyone is concerned he is an armed cop shooting a fleeing suspect who may have been part of the furious gunfight that just took place. He could have emptied the gun into John's back, mission complete.

Correction: Watching him chase John through the parking lot, you can see he doesn't have the gun he possessed earlier in his holster anymore. He did drop it when the T800 was firing the shotgun at him in the mall corridor.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator and the T-1000 have their shootout in the mall, the shotgun creates large holes in the T-1000 metal body. When the holes shrink back to normal, the clothing is unaffected. If the clothing were a part of the tech of the T-1000, he would not have had to get them fro the police officer at the beginning. Not would they burn off when the truck explodes and he emerges from the fire fully made of shiny metal.

Correction: He doesn't take clothes off the police officer, he just copies them using his metal body. Likewise the explosion - he emerges as pure metal from the fire because he's been melted, "clothes" included, then reforms himself when clear.

Corrected entry: John uses a machine to hack into Sarah's bank account. If Sarah was arrested and placed in a psychiatric unit, her bank account would've been suspended, meaning John couldn't withdraw the 300 bucks even if he did hack into It. (01:17:10 - 01:17:50)


Correction: It isn't her account. He says the card is stolen, and that he learnt how to do it from Sarah.

Corrected entry: When the truck jumps off the bridge, watch very carefully underneath it and you will see a wooden ramp to help the truck jump. (00:35:15)

Correction: There is no ramp.

Corrected entry: Just after Arnie says "Hasta La Vista, baby" he shoots the frozen Robert Patrick in the steelworks, right after he shatters the camera cuts to him being shattered again as though this first cut didnt exist. Surely someone would have noticed this big of a jump cut, or perhaps was this done to emphasis the shattering?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. It is a standard movie convention to replay an action shot from another angle.


Correction: Not a mistake. This is a technique. They do this a lot in Hard Target.

Corrected entry: This movie takes place in L.A. You must be at least 21 to have a motorcycle licence in California. I'm pretty sure John isn't 21.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: A kid that steals money from ATMs is not likely to care whether he has a license or not.


I agree he doesn't care. Not to mention John is supposed to be 10 at the time of the movie and the actor himself (Furlong) is only 13, so he didn't have any sort of license.


Also, John was riding a dirt bike, which is illegal to ride on public roadways regardless of the age of the rider, rather than a street-legal motorcycle. And, as Sacha said, John is hardly a law-abiding 10-year-old, as evidenced when the T-1000 uses the police car's computer and finds John's extensive police record.


Corrected entry: In the scene where John is stealing money from the ATM, he tells his friend that "My Mom is a psycho, blew up a computer lab." At that point in the film Sarah hasn't blown up the lab yet, so she could not be locked up for it.

Correction: John must be referring to a time that Sarah tried to stop the creation of Skynet by blowing up the Cyberdyne labs and got caught, which led to her being committed - not the group attack on the lab that happens later, after Sarah's rescue.


Corrected entry: Sarah and John Connor are switching the only gas mask while the police is trying to storm the research institute. Gas is everywhere, so while switching the mask it would fill up with gas before they put it back on their faces, making the entire exercise pointless.

Correction: Air inside the mask can get out, but air outside the mask cannot get in. Their lung capacity is greater than the volume of air the mask can hold. So all they need to do is use the deep breath they were holding while they weren't wearing the mask and exhale it once the mask is on. That will push all of the "bad air" out of the mask.


Corrected entry: When escaping the hospital, the man that Sarah almost killed (I forget his name doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth until the T-1000 walks through the bars, and a cigarette falls out of his mouth.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: Dr. Silberman never had a cigarette. He pulls the protective cover off the needle on a syringe of sedative with his teeth. Then when the T-1000 walks through the bars, it drops out while he is gaping.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When the SWAT team enters the Cyberdyne office (After Dyson grabs the detonator), they start shooting immediately. It's very unlikely that a specially trained police unit would do that as they didn't know if there are hostages or other innocent people inside. They hit and lethally wounded Dyson who was actually unarmed, he could have been taken as a hostage by the others. Instead of a mindless full scale attack, the SWAT should have secured the scene with flash grenades or tear gas first.


Correction: First off, what the SWAT team "should have done" is not a mistake. Second, police brutality is certainly a problem and was a bigger problem in the 90s. Third, these are cops going after someone who killed 17 police officers. They are going to do whatever they have to to take him down.


Police brutality and trigger happiness are not the same, especially not if we talk about a specially trained enforcer unit. Besides, later on, they faced the guy who they thought did kill those officers but still, they used gas grenades and told him TWICE to lie on the ground, before shooting him.


Corrected entry: When John tells the Terminator to stop the bike, he pulls off the road into a side-street, then off the side-street and behind a building before stopping. After he says that he's programmed to obey John's commands, every order John gives him from then on is carried out immediately. So why would he take so long to obey the command to stop the bike. Granted, not stopping in traffic would be an issue of John's safety, however, once they've pulled off the main street, that's no longer a factor and he should have stopped immediately. (00:38:50)

Captain Defenestrator

Correction: The Terminator is charged with protecting John's safety. Stopping on the street is more dangerous than in a parking lot. Remember that when John tells him to put the gun down, he gently sets it down instead of dropping it.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: There is no place or process in a steel mill where you have a big open pool of liquid steel. (02:16:30)

Correction: I worked in a foundry for many years and when a heat (a load of steel) is finished, the roof is swung off the furnace - which is a giant open vat of molten steel - and the heat is poured into a ladle. A ladle is a large, open vat of molten steel that is poured from a bottom hole using a linkage, handle, etc., that lifts a stopper from the inside of the ladle and lets it pour from the bottom pouring hole. The point is that there are a few processes where there is a large open vat of molten metal. The foundry I worked in had a furnace capable of melting 60 tons per heat - a lot of molten metal!

Corrected entry: In the desert when the Terminator uncovers the cache of weapons, they are stored underground in rifle racks without any protection at all. Weapons are normally stored covered in grease, wrapped in cloth or paper and in wooden boxes. Buried unprotected (even in the desert), a weapons cache would turn into rusty junk in a couple of months. (01:24:00)

Joe Moldovan

Correction: For rust you need moisture. In the desert is almost no moisture. A lightly greased rifle can surely withstand rust for a long period of time without being wrapped or packed. Not forever, but more some years than some months.

Corrected entry: When John and the Terminator arrive at Dyson's house following the shooting, John calls Danny, Dyson's son, by his name and tells him to show him his room. But Danny's name has not been spoken anywhere John could have heard it. (01:36:40)


Correction: Sarah has taught John many things that most kids wouldn't know at that age. The T-800 says that he has information on Dyson's family since he was a major factor in the creation of Skynet. We don't see how and when they obtain his address, but they obviously do so off screen, so we can assume they learned Danny's name at that time as well.


Corrected entry: DVD version. In the elevator scene, after Arnie shoots the T-1000 in the head, you can see the Doctor behind standing against the window. Three seconds later, after the shot inside the elevator where Sarah Connor asks what the fuck is going on, you see the T-1000 again in the next shot, but the Doctor has made a quick exit. (01:00:05)

Correction: If I had just watched the T-1000 walk through a wall of bars and Arnie take 10-15 bullets without flinching, I would make a "quick exit" too. Probably one approaching the speed of sound. And can you see the floor in that scene? He might have fainted and be out of the camera's view.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In Sara Connor's dream the nuke goes off and the buildings are exploding, the buildings structures remain but when you are that close to a nuclear blast, metals instantly vaporise.

Correction: In Sarah's dreams with the nuke, as she is not a nuclear scientist, she would not know exactly how different objects would behave so close to a nuclear blast, and as it is a dream, it does not have to obey the natural laws (physics etc.).

Corrected entry: In the bar scene the biker hitting T2 with the pool cue is holding his cue the wrong way before the cigar guy needs help, as if he knew what was going to happen.

Correction: Some bikers are very selective about who gets to enter their bar (especially naked dudes), so he probably was ready to enact some violence the moment the T-800 entered.


Corrected entry: In the final act, when the T1000 falls into the molten steel, he sinks and thrashes around rather like a human in water. However, molten steel has a density of around 8 g/cc - about 10 times that of a human, which means T-1000 must weigh about 1600 lb / 700 kg, and is therefore too heavy to do many things we've seen: ride a Kawasaki KZ1000P (up a flight of stairs) without collapsing the frame and blowing out the tires; be dragged by hooks in the lid of a car trunk without peeling the lid like a can opener or ripping off the trunk lid; jump onto the back of a car without collapsing its suspension; operate a helicopter in level flight from either pilot's seat. If he's light enough to do those things he'd basically sit on the surface of the molten steel and fry. Either way there's a mistake somewhere... (02:22:15)

Oscar Bravo

Correction: You're confusing weight with density. If a denser metal (such as mercury) was put into molten steel, it would sink, no matter how much it weighed. Mass (a better term to describe weight) equals density * volume. However, we don't know how much (the volume) of the futuristic, unknown metal was used to create the T-1000, or what its density is so we don't know how much the T-1000 weighs, but we know he's denser than steel.


Corrected entry: The T-1000 cruises on his motorcycle inside the ruined Cyberdyne building, and holds a weapon in his right hand. On motorcycles, the gas throttle is located on the right handle, rendering the driver incapable holding anything in his/her right hand while driving. (01:56:45)


Correction: Some motorcycles have cruise control, and even if not equipped, throttle locks for the throttle (a rudimentary manual cruise control) have been available since the early 1980s.


Correction: The T-1000 is only shown with the gun drawn while the motorcycle is already in motion. He is simply cruising at this point. He gave the bike some gas, drew his weapon, and is slowly moving through the building in neutral. Once he spots the truck, he comes to a stop, puts the gun away, and takes off.


Corrected entry: John Connor in the future should have sent back a terminator that didn't resemble the first one. Since he did, it tipped off the police and nearly made an enemy of Sarah Connor, when it should have been unrecognizable and earned her trust faster.

Correction: It's probably not very easy to capture a Terminator, especially with (apparently) absolutely zero damage to it. John got what he could and sent it back. Even if he did know that it was the same model that Skynet sent back to kill Sarah (which he may not have), it's still better than nothing, and there's no evidence to suggest that he could have gotten his hands on a different Terminator.


Correction: It should be noted, the T-800's all looked alike (at least the 101 models). Plus, adult John Connor remembers being saved by this particular model and therefore sends it back, regardless if there were other models with a different look.


You are mistaken. The future John Connor that send that terminator back does not remember the events of the movie. The future changes whenever something or someone is sent back without affecting that particular timeline. So the future John Connor that send that T-800 back is from the timeline after the first movie, not this one.


That statement I made regarding John remembering the T-800 comes directly from James Cameron himself, not something I made up or fan theory.


It might have been true when T-2 was the last movie, but later movies change that. I get it if people want to hang on to the original Cameron deal, but the continuity of the franchise disregards the old rules and comes up with new ones. The events of T-2 created the events of T-3 and thus it is a different John Connor.


Many consider T3 a soft reboot and not direct sequel meaning what's established in the film doesn't specifically alter what is established in Terminator 1 and 2.


Fine, but an alteration of the timeline already occurred with the first 2 movies, so the timeline works different regardless. The time travelling changes the future, so what happened in T-2 created a new timeline and does not double back to the T-1000 being sent back.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone. (01:56:35)

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The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Suggested correction: In one of the special features on the Blu-ray version, director James Cameron can be seen holding and shooting the minigun, while saying: "Arnold's gonna love this."

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Question: One of the taglines for this film is "It's nothing personal". I have no idea what that has to do with the film and was hoping someone could explain it.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Two possibilities. 1: The Terminator is emotionless, so the killing isn't personal, but rather what it's programmed to do. 2: Sarah Connor's plan to kill Miles Dyson to stop Skynet's creation.

Captain Defenestrator

It's also a sly nod to another famous tagline, Jaws: The Revenge. "This time it's personal."


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