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Continuity mistake: Red is barefoot for a long period in the movie, but when they run to the boat she's wearing barely-visible slippers, presumably to protect her feet while running outside.

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Continuity mistake: When Zora is bashing the girl's head in with the golf club, blood is spraying everywhere, except magically none gets on her shirt. But then later it's covered in blood.

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Continuity mistake: When Gabe's on the bed and Adelaide is saying she wants to go home, there's some blanket bunched up between his legs which disappears in other shots.

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Other mistake: Katie cuts herself with a pair of scissors but when the girl hits her there's no mark there.

Factual error: The scene where Pluto gets burned takes place at the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum, directly east of the Beach Boardwalk. In order to drive to the boardwalk in the scene immediately afterward, the Wilsons would have to pass through the line of Tethers holding hands.

Continuity mistake: When Gabe and Josh are talking on the beach about the things in the boat, Josh mentions the flare gun. Gabe is looking off to the side, but when angle changes as Josh says he knew he'd forget it, suddenly Gabe is looking straight ahead. (00:24:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Red gets out of the car to confront evil Jason towards the end, her shoulder is uncovered from the shot inside the car, but instantly covered in the shot from outside.

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Jason Wilson: It's us.

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Trivia: Spoilers: Among the video-tapes seen next to the TV after the opening credits are "C.H.U.D." and "The Goonies." This is quite relevant to the plot, in which it is revealed that the doppelgangers come from beneath the ground in a series of tunnels that used to be run by the government. "C.H.U.D." is about mutant creatures that live underground and have began to rise up and attack, like the doppelgangers, and "Goonies" takes place largely in underground tunnels and caverns, much like the film's climax.


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Question: This may seem simplistic, but what happened to the police who were meant to arrive in 14 minutes?

Answer: They were delayed or killed. When the family was given the 14 minute estimate it was before anyone, including the police, realised the extent of the problem.

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