Close (2019)

4 mistakes

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Directed by: Vicky Jewson

Starring: Eoin Macken, Indira Varma, Noomi Rapace

Genres: Action, Thriller

Visible crew/equipment: Opening sequence, Noomi Rapace kills all three terrorists who have arrived by truck, commandeers their truck and loads her two clients into it to transport them out of danger. As she drives away, we see a bare arm, hand and rolled up dress shirt of a person standing in the back of the "empty" truck. (00:05:05)

Character mistake: Upon arriving to the house they say Zoe's mother committed suicide when she was 10 but later on before going back to the house to expose her step mom Sam says her mom committed suicide when she was 8. (00:16:56 - 01:17:46)

Other mistake: When Sam is reviewing Zoe's file on the plane, her intel says Zoe's birthday is 03/08/99. Later, when they access Rima's computer in the control room, the password is "03/08/02", which Zoe says is also her birthday. May have been a last minute change to the character's (Zoe's) age, which would account for the mismatch in birthdays as well as the previously stated "suicide age". (00:14:00 - 01:19:50)

Continuity mistake: In the police station, a guard comes out of the toilet and fumbles with his zip, the shot goes to a man on white talking in his phone. When he comes out of his office the man is still fumbling with his zip again. (01:01:03)


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