Child's Play

Question: Just after Chucky kills Shane, why did he say that it was for Tupac? Since he wanted Andy to be happy, shouldn't he have said that it was for Andy?

Answer: I wouldn't read into it much more than just a joke: Chucky heard that joke earlier when the kids in the street were trying to make him do things for their cell phone cameras. So he just re-used it later as he often does in the movie.

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It was a joke that some kid said when he had the Chucky doll.

Answer: Yeah the kid said that so Chuckie said it too.

Question: What was the factory supervisor screaming at his employee?

Answer: According to IMDb, the supervisor is basically chewing him out for being lazy and sleeping on the job, and then fires him.


Plot hole: Karen forbids her son from playing with Chucky, because he's spending too much time with it on top of it scaring the cat, and locks it up in a cabinet. The cabinet ends up broken (Chucky broke it but she does not know), the cat conveniently disappears (Chucky killed it but she does not know), but the mother is totally cool about it, the plot point is forgotten and Andy faces no punishment or questioning for it. Any mother would be alarmed and would make a big deal of it possibly even throwing the doll away (she does not care, she did not pay for it), but that sort of drama is delayed until much later in the movie, for no internal reason.

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Trivia: "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini has no involvement in this remake, and has openly stated that he's against it, as the original movie series is still going. Several other key cast and crew members from the original series have also expressed their disapproval of the film.


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