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Spider-Man: Far From Home sees the heroic web-head trying to woo MJ, deal with the sudden loss of his mentor, Iron Man and protect various spots in Europe from elemental menaces with some assistance from Nick Fury, Maria Hill, "Happy" Hogan and...Mysterio!? Well...things might not be what they seem, though the dangers to Spidey and his friends are real enough and soon he's dodging, leaping and using all his superhuman abilities to protect the innocent again in this humorous and fun film that makes its 2+ hrs practically fly by! Romance, adventure and questions of trust all come together in this exciting addition to the Spider-man series of films.

Erik M.

This review will contain a few spoilers for this movie.

I just saw this film in theaters and I was very pleased. It was a nice lighter toned story as a break from the heavier stuff from Endgame and really helped propel Spider-Man forward in the MCU.
I really liked how they handled Mysterio in this film with the illusions and his more correct origins in special effects. Going in knowing his past in the comics, it was easy to start seeing through his guise but it did a good job of leading me on where I wasn't exactly sure from one point to another. So much so that with the mid credit scene, I'm not entirely sure if he's really gone or not.
Parts of it kept me guessing and the post credit scene was a real... hmm... interesting twist. I have no idea where they are going with that but I look forward to future movies.

My only issues with the film is it's a bit too light. I get why they needed to shift tones from Endgame but it didn't feel like the consequences of that film weight heavily enough on Peter in this one.
They have effectively turned Tony Stark into the Uncle Ben of this universe. But it felt like they kinda brushed this aside a bit too much. Yes it's very much there in the film... but it felt like they mostly tried to focus on Peter's relationship with MJ and Mysterio with the Tony and Happy subplot of his motivations pushed a little bit to much to the side. However, it still works well and I see this as a solid good film in the franchise and a nice kick start to the next faze of the MCU.

Another thing I loved about this movie is it felt much more self contained that some of the previous films. Marvel has been known lately for their films almost feeling like just one big ad for their next film with so much alluding to and trying to just get to the next one. This one more lingered on the past and kept this one self contained where this was a solid flowing story from start to finish without really trying to push the next film. So much so I really have no idea what the next one is! And that's very nice.

Mistake Status: Eh... I might get to it eventually. Still having computer issues which has slowed me down on this site very badly.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Peter and MJ hug on Tower Bridge he gets some blood from his face onto the left shoulder of her jacket. From other angles there's no blood.

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Trivia: Spoilers! Back to form for MCU films after Endgame bucked the trend, there are two post credit sequences - one features JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson, reprising his role from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, only this time JJJ is a host for a conspiracy-fuelled website-based show. He airs footage from Mysterio outing Peter Parker as Spider-Man and framing him for the death of Mysterio and the carnage in London. The second reveals that Nick Fury and Maria Hill have actually been Skrulls the entire movie, standing in at the real Fury's request so he can take a simulated beach vacation in space...somewhere.

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Answer: They are shown descending down from a satellite. It's reasonable to say they return to space when not in use. And also they can just encase themselves in more illusions to stay hidden regardless of where they go.

Quantom X Premium member

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