Tea with Mussolini

Tea with Mussolini (1999)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Luca and his friend are chasing a bus and come down an old dirt road, Luca in a side car with a dog in his lap. The next shot, there's no dog, then the next shot the dog is back in his arms again.

Deliberate mistake: The German army is using American Sherman tanks, presumably easier to get for filming.

Factual error: The British Major at the end has his rank crowns sewn to the collar of his shirt. The British Army didn't/doesn't do that. They should be on his shoulder epaulettes.

Deliberate mistake: The sandbags used to protect the frescoes are obviously not full of sand (real ones would have been too heavy for the cast to lift).

Lady Hester: Americans. They can even vulgarize ice cream.

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