Avengers: Endgame

3 weeks after "the snap", Captain Marvel rescues Tony and Nebula - they all return to earth, Nebula reveals where Thanos is, and they go there to challenge him. They discover he destroyed the stones, using the power of the stones themselves, nearly killing himself in the process. In a rage Thor decapitates him.

Cut to five years later. The Avengers are still putting out metaphorical fires, but everyone's struggling with what they lost. Scott Lang's quantum tunnel van is now in storage - a rat accidentally reactivates it, firing him out into the present day, whereas only 5 hours has passed for him. He realises that the quantum realm might be the key to reversing what has happened.

With the help of Tony and Banner, who's now managed to combine both aspects of himself into "Professor Hulk", they work out a way to navigate the quantum realm, realising they can retrieve the stones from times in the past, bring them to the present, use them to reverse the snap, and then return them.

Splitting into teams, they revisit the Battle of New York from The Avengers, taking the scepter, but losing the tesseract to Loki. Taking a gamble, rather than come home empty handed, they go to 1970's New Jersey and steal the tesseract from then instead. Tony gets to meet his father, and Cap sees Peggy from afar. Bruce goes to Bleeker Street and meets the Ancient One, persuading her to give him the time stone.

Nebula and War Machine retrieve the power stone, but Nebula being in the same time period as her past self causes crossed wires. Past Thanos realises what's happened, sees her memories, and abducts her, replacing her with "his" Nebula, who's still evil.

Thor and Rocket return to Asgard - Thor meets his mother for a final farewell, and they retrieve the aether.

Hawkeye and Black Widow go after the soul stone. Upon learning it requires one of them to sacrifice themselves, they both argue about who it should be, both believing they should be the one to die. Hawkeye jumps, but Natasha catches him, ending up dangling beneath him and she forces him to let her fall to her death.

Coming back home, they put the stones into a new gauntlet - Bruce is the only one who can handle it, and snaps, bringing everyone back who was previously dusted, albeit 5 years later than when they originally disappeared. But Nebula has opened the portal and allowed Thanos through from the past.

He brings his army to earth but all the dusted Avengers are back, and their supporting armies. Both sides try to get the gauntlet - Captain Marvel arrives, destroys Thanos' ship, and nearly beats him, but he knocks her away using the power stone. Tony attacks Thanos, taking the stones out of the gauntlet and integrating them into his suit. Declaring "I'm Iron Man" he snaps his fingers, turning Thanos and his army to dust, but fatally injuring himself in the process, unable to handle the combined power of the stones.

He gets a hero's funeral, attended by all of the surviving Avengers. Captain America goes back in time to return the stones to the point they were taken, ensuring no negative realities splinter off. We see Banner trying to bring him back, but he realises that Cap deliberately missed his chronological "exit" to come back to the present day. Bucky looks up and sees Cap sitting on a nearby bench, now a very old man - turns out he went back to the past and married Peggy. The film ends on a shot of them at home in the past, finally getting their long-awaited dance.

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Continuity mistake: When Thanos is being questioned about where the stones are, Captain Marvel has her arm wrapped around his neck in a headlock and War Machine is holding onto his right arm. Just as Bruce goes to push Thanos over, both Captain Marvel and War Machine suddenly do not have their hands on him. There is no reason that they would have let go of him. Nor would there have been enough time for them to let go of him in between shots. (00:18:10)

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Korg: Thor, he's back. That kid on the TV just called me a dickhead again.
Thor: Noobmaster.
Korg: Yeah, Noobmaster69.
Thor: Noobmaster, hey, it's Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen, buddy, if you don't log off this game immediately, I am gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that's right, yes, go cry to your father, you little weasel!
Korg: Thank you, Thor.
Thor: Let me know if he bothers you again, okay?
Korg: Thank you very much, I will.

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Trivia: A young man is shown onscreen towards the end with the others, and it's not immediately obvious who it is - it's Harley Keener, played by Ty Simpkins, the boy in Iron Man 3.

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Question: If Captain America had to go back to return the infinity stones to balance the timeline, would he not have to go back to before Black Widow died to return the Soul Stone?

Answer: Well since he wouldn't know the exact moment she sacrificed herself, he might have shown up before then and then just had to wait for everything to play itself out before returning the stone.

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I think the poster meant he would go back to the time he knew Black Widow and Hawkeye were aiming for, or a bit before for safety, then go there and wait until Black Widow died and Hawkeye got the stone, and then return it. It would be hard for him to watch, but then he would know when the right time was.

Right. But you also have to think that, having witnessed the events, and then seeing that the Red Skull is the guardian, that would have been a damn interesting scene to watch. Does Cap try bargaining with the Red Skull to return Black Widow to life after giving the stone back? On the other hand, the Ancient One's explanation was that the flow of time occurs simply because the stones are in the universe. I don't think it mattered where they are. She only wanted the time stone back because of how it was tied to the Sanctum. So really, Cap probably could have just thrown the stone in a ditch somewhere and been done with it. It also raises a question about the nature of Vormir as the home of the stone. We see the other stones were more or less fashioned into artifacts and out and about. This implies that they too were in some sort of temple in their raw stone form before being found, seized and manipulated into a real-world application. So does Vormir even have a mechanism for receiving the stone back once it's been claimed? And what is the soul stone's solo power, anyway? Reading people's fates like a crystal ball?


I don't think the red skull is really the red skull anymore, just some kind of ghost of whats left of him. However the stone gets returned is irrelevant, yes he could even just leave it in a ditch somewhere. He didn't return other stones in their original form either, except the time stone. These timelines don't continue on as the original one. According to the comics the soul stone is sentient and everyone sacrificed to obtain is has their soul trapped inside the gem. Cap and the others of course don't know that (although Hulk must theoretically know having used it) or in the MCU this does not apply. When possessing it you can control any life and read their souls (their feelings and desires). One can also revert living things back their original state (like Nebula for example).


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