Mary Poppins Returns

Trivia: Karen Dotrice, who played Jane Banks in the original film, makes a cameo as the lady who asks for an address to Jack and Jane.


Trivia: The line said by Mary to Michael "shut your mouth, you are not a cod fish" is taken from the original film.


Trivia: The building blocks that spelled the name of Mary Poppins in the 1964 "Mary Poppins" film can be seen in Michael Banks' attic. (Actually, they are reproductions; the original blocks are stored in the Disney archives in Burbank).

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Trivia: Dick Van Dyke reprises his role of Mr. Dawes from the original film.


Trivia: The scene where Poppins disappears into the bathtub was not computer generated. Blunt simply sat down backward on a slide that went under the set and the bathtub was full enough of bubbles to hide the effect.

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Trivia: Angela Lansbury makes a cameo as the lady who sells the balloons in the park. She wasn't actually in Mary Poppins, although her appearance in Bedknobs and Broomsticks (also mixing live action and animation), alongside David Tomlinson who was also in Mary Poppins, has led many people to misremember her as being in the original film.


Trivia: The guy in the park reading the newspaper, whose hat is moved by the kite, is a reference to David Tomlinson, who played George Banks in the original film.


Trivia: The opening Disney logo changes and places Sleeping Beauty castle in a London park with Big Ben in the background.

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Other mistake: As established in the original and this film, when the Admiral fires his cannon, everything in the house falls off walls and mantles, and everything needs to be caught to prevent them from being damaged. However, when he fires his cannon as Mary Poppins and the children are going out to have the bowl repaired, Michael has already left for work, Jane and Ellen are standing outside, and Mary, the children, are getting onto Jack's bike - leaving no-one in the house to catch the falling objects which would therefore all be smashed or damaged.

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Anabel Banks: Everything is possible.
Mary Poppins: Even the impossible.

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