Mary Poppins Returns

New this month Continuity mistake: After Jane bumps into Jack a paper appears/disappears on the road.

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New this month Continuity mistake: When Jane bumps into Jack her papers fall to the left. When the angle changes they're falling again but none to the left.

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New this month Continuity mistake: During the tub scene John has foam on his left cheek, but before the dolphins appear a back shot shows foam all around his face. Also, when the dolphins jump over the boat foam suddenly appears on the right side of his body.

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New this month Continuity mistake: When Mary is about to dive in the tub she carries the shampoo bottle with the label unseen. Then it cuts to a closeup of her placing the bottle on a shelf and the label is visible. Angle changes and the label disappears again.

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New this month Continuity mistake: When the movie begins the smallest boy holds a neat pile of towels. When the shot changes they're messed up. Then they swap back to neat.

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Factual error: Mr. Dawes Jr. states that the tuppence (two pence) invested by Michael grew into enough to pay off the mortgage on the house. Interest rates over that 20 year time period were about 4%, which would have made that 2p grow to all of 4p. Go nuts and assume an impossibly high return of 15% per annum, compound, consistent over the twenty years. Despite the fact that not even Bernie Madoff offered ridiculously high returns like that, after twenty years the original two pence investment would be worth 39p. As an aside, houses of the time cost about £750, far below current London prices, but still considerably more than 39p.

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Suggested correction: In the movie, Mr Dawes said "We did just that, and thanks to several quite clever investments...that tuppence has grown into quite a sum" - so the investment didn't grow by interest alone. Growing a £0.02 investment to £750 is unlikely, but not impossible, especially if the friendly bank president fudged a little and pulled it off losing investments and only counted winning investments. And of course, Dawes could have been telling a white lie to make up for the way Wilkins treated the Banks family and planned to pay off the loan with his own funds.


Absolutely. The 2 pence was an investment, not a deposit. It is perfectly in keeping with the whimsical magic theme of the movie that the investment should have grown exponentially. Real world investments have done better. A 5 cent Bitcoin investment (about 2 pence!) grew to about $15,000 in less time! This entry is not a "Factual Error."

Other mistake: As established in the original and this film, when the Admiral fires his cannon, everything in the house falls off walls and mantles, and everything needs to be caught to prevent them from being damaged. However, when he fires his cannon as Mary Poppins and the children are going out to have the bowl repaired, Michael has already left for work, Jane and Ellen are standing outside, and Mary, the children, are getting onto Jack's bike - leaving no-one in the house to catch the falling objects which would therefore all be smashed or damaged.

Factual error: When Mary and the children go to the bank the long shot of the bank shows a statue that was not erected until 1994.

Other mistake: The snow globe from the original is in the loft in the new film, but in the original film, as Mary was leaving the Banks house while they flew a kite, she packed it in to her carpet bag.

Anabel Banks: Everything is possible.
Mary Poppins: Even the impossible.

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Trivia: Karen Dotrice, who played Jane Banks in the original film, makes a cameo as the lady who asks for an address to Jack and Jane.

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