Other mistake: Artistic license via CGI physics is taken for all the characters in the water to keep their hair from ever flowing over their faces, no matter how long or how the currents might affect their hairstyles. When characters emerge out of the water, their hair remains nearly unaffected.

Erik M.

Other mistake: When Tom picks up Atlanna when she washes up, she's unconscious, but she's able to hold on to her trident.


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Suggested correction: It is emphasized that she is still holding it even when unconscious.

Other mistake: During the final battle between Aquaman and king Orm, notice the propellers, both left and right prop rotate in the same direction, however the physical lay-out of the propellers are not matching (mirrored), thus one prop would give forward thrust, the other will give rear thrust. Not logical with both rotating in the same direction.

Other mistake: Aquaman and the princess were in Italy, then they are on a boat, but there is no great deep trench in the Mediterranean, and they couldn't have made it to the Atlantic in that fishing boat.

Other mistake: While Thomas lifts Atlanna she is unconscious but she is still holding the trident with her left hand.


Factual error: Aquaman lifts a submerged submarine towards the surface, which should start to sink again straight after releasing it, as its ballast tanks are still full of water. It shouldn't stay floating like that.


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Arthur Curry: My parents were of two different worlds, and I was a product of the love that they shared. A son of land, and a son of the seas.

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Trivia: The Anabelle doll from The Conjuring, another film of director James Wan, is visible while Mera is taking Arthur to her submarine ship. Blurry but there.


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Question: Why did Arthur need to go to Atlantis to meet Vulko? We see Vulko coming to the surface multiple times, would it not have been easier to meet Arthur on land?

Answer: Because what they're looking for is in the ocean. The maps, the ancient texts and markers leading to the trident. It would seem odd to search for Arthur on land then return to the ocean.

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