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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie Tony Lip shoots off a gun in a parking lot of the Orange Bar to scare off would-be criminals who were hiding just behind their car. (When this happens Dr. Don Shirley shouts out, "I knew you had a gun Tony", which makes the theater audience laugh). But if Tony would have had a gun on his person for the entire time, the police would have found it when Tony and Don were taken to jail in an earlier scene.

Correction: He wouldn't necessarily have the gun on him while driving though. Especially where he kept the gun, on his back, that would be uncomfortable for long road trips. It could have been in his suitcase, in the trunk. When they got taken to jail, it could have been sitting in the trunk the whole time. Or, say the cops did find it, it's not unlikely to assume that Doc and Tony got all their belongings back, given Doc's high connection that got them out of jail.


Corrected entry: Tony is told by Dr. Shirley to pay for the jade stone, but it shows him shoving it back into the wooden box at the outside of the store, so he doesn't have it any more at that point. But in the ending snowstorm it reappears.

Correction: It's clear from the exchange Tony and Dr. Shirley have in the car when Shirley insist that Tony pay for the stone that Tony really does not want to do so, and simply pretends to put it back in the bin to appease his boss.

Corrected entry: Don Shirley asks Viggo Mortensen who is singing a certain song on the radio. He replies something to the effect that it's Aretha Franklin, and that she's really something. But it is highly unlikely that Aretha had sufficient (or any) airplay, popularity or name recognition in 1962 to make this scene credible. Columbia Records had her under contract and did not do a particularly good job with her. It wasn't until 1967, after she signed with Atlantic Records, that she became known much at all and her career really took off.

Correction: While Columbia Records might not have promoted her as well as Atlantic Records, the fact was that in 1961 her single "Won't Be Long" was #7 on the R&B chart and #76 on the Billboard Hot 100. Later in 1961 her version of "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody" hit #37 on the Billboard Top 100. One of the factor these charts use to determine ranking is airplay (how often the song is played on the radio).


Factual error: The chicken they eat in the car is Extra Crispy Kentucky Fried, not Original Recipe. Extra Crispy wasn't introduced until the late 70s.

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Answer: Absolutely. White Castle is credited as the first "fast food" chain in the United States. The company began its traditional brick and mortar, fast food burger operation in 1921 but had operated as a food cart company since 1916.


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