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Factual error: Opening scene shows NYC 1962 as a 1964 Chevy Impala rolls by.

Factual error: The chicken they eat in the car is Extra Crispy Kentucky Fried, not Original Recipe. Extra Crispy wasn't introduced until the late 70s.

Other mistake: When Tony and Dr. Shirley are driving in a snow storm, in the view from the front of the car, the wipers seem to pass behind the snow on the windshield, and the blades appear longer than the area cleared. It's almost as if the snow was added on later in post-production. It's most noticeable if you look at the tips of the wipers as they approach the tip of the snow on the windshield. (01:51:35)


Factual error: In the first 15 minutes of the movie when Tony is crossing the street to go to the pawn broker, in the background is an elevated train track with a train passing by. The train is silver. This movie takes place in 1962 and at that time, the NYC transit system trains were dark brown cars (nicknamed "cattle cars"). Silver cars didn't come into use until a few years later.

Factual error: Similar to the opening scene, as they pull into Macon Georgia, just before the tailor shop scene, he parks between what looks like a 1957 Ford station wagon and a 1964 two tone red and white Ford Falcon. Falcons were more rounded in 1962.

Factual error: The squad car that pulls them over in Louisiana in 1962 is a 1964 Chevrolet.

Continuity mistake: When Toby puts two drinking glasses from the workmen in the trash can it is not lined, but when Delores opens the trash can it is lined with a paper bag.

Factual error: Male "chorus" watching 6th game of 1962 World Series all applaud Roger Maris' home run, shouting "this means no 7th game" as they invite Viggo Mortensen to join them in front of the TV. However, the HR only cut the Giants' lead to 3-1, as Billy Pierce pitched a masterful 3-hitter to beat the Bronx Bombers 6-2 and force a 7th game the next day. The gang might have been pleased, but hardly ecstatic, down by two runs in the 5th inning. Moreover, while the Yankees won Game 7 the very next day (1-0, in San Francisco) to capture the title, that same evening (October 16) was also the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis, though the American public was not made fully aware of it until a few days later. This has important consequences for the film as a whole. In particular, when Tony Vallelonga returned home in time for Thanksgiving, as he had promised his wife, his family and close friends would be chastened and subdued by the events of the preceding month. Hence his reunion with Dr. Shirley (Mahershala Ali) would be poignant, but hardly festive. There was no joy in the Bronx, or anywhere else.

Answer: Absolutely. White Castle is credited as the first "fast food" chain in the United States. The company began its traditional brick and mortar, fast food burger operation in 1921 but had operated as a food cart company since 1916.


Answer: There is no double level bridge out of New York city.

I'm not sure what this comment is a response to, but it's not an answer to this question.


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