Le Père Noël est une ordure

Revealing mistake: When madame Musquin wanted to hurry up to get out of the elevator. Thérèse wanted to help her to go down, but she got kicked on her nose. You can see that madame Musquin really kicked the wall.

Miguel Campos

Character mistake: This happens when a man committed suicide while calling the SOS with a pay phone. When he shot himself, Thérèse said: "Rappelez-moi d'une cabine qui fonctionne." (Call me back on another pay phone that works.) How can Thérèse knows that the man is calling from a pay phone?

Miguel Campos

Visible crew/equipment: Mr. Preskovitch came to visit Pierre and Thérèse to give "doubitchou" (chocolates). When Mr. Preskovitch said "Vous ne les goûtez pas, Mme. Thérèse?" [You don't want to eat one, Mrs. Thérèse?], a boom mic can be seen in the reflection of the right door, in the top right pane of glass. (00:26:25)

Miguel Campos

Character mistake: Thérèse mentioned that since 6:00pm, there was one call. After the second call from the man who commited suicide at a pay phone, there was two calls since 6:00pm. But Pierre said: "UN seul appel depuis 18h..." (ONE call since 6:00pm...) instead of "two calls."

Miguel Campos

Zézette: Eh, Monsieur Pierre! Y'a un monsieur très malpoli qui a téléphoné, il voulait enculer Therèse.
Pierre Mortez: Oui mais c'est un ami.
Zézette: Ah bah ça va alors.

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