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I rented this movie from RedBox.

I'll say one thing right off... that the movie actually has a fairly good idea going for it. The concept is interesting and the setting could have worked.
Only it's held back by bad acting, terrible direction, very bad special effects on the alien, and a plot twist worthy of M Knight Shamalan.

The movie does get bonus points, however, for putting Marina Sirtis in it. Though she has only a little actual screen time. It's nice to see Councilor Troy on a space ship once more.

I was enjoying the film well enough, and was considering giving it a 3 star rating... possibly even 4 star to be generous to a low budge film. But then the twist at the end happened and it just killed the whole thing. It's bad...

Mistake Status: Got some while renting it. I'm not going back to this film.

Quantom X Premium member

Stupid story, has-been cast, moronic direction, terrible acting, idiotic dialogue, third-class CGI and a rubber hand-puppet monster. All told, there are no likable or even interesting characters in this flick. It's like a bad-tempered and poorly-written Star Trek episode with bigots and a psycho-killer who thinks she's an alien. If you can watch it for free, good luck, but you probably won't last through the first fifteen minutes. By no means should you pay good money to rent or buy it.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: In the shots of Thompson space walking along the outside of their pod and the damaged pod, he's moving slowly in the wide shots. But in the close ups it shows him moving twice and even triple his speed of stepping.

Quantom X Premium member

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