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I will say A Star Is Born was a really good movie, not a masterpiece, but definitely a really good movie. What makes this movie work the most are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. They have great chemistry together and I was invested in their relationship. Their performances also work on their own right. I never knew Bradley Cooper could sing and I never knew Lady Gaga could act. The strongest act was definitely the first act. I loved that the movie took its time introducing the main characters and letting the audience get a connection to them. We get to see who they are and see them build their relationship with each other.

What stops this movie from being a masterpiece in my eyes was the second act. Not that it was bad, but it moved at a different pace compared the first act. It felt like it moved quicker and skimmed over points in time, and I appreciated the movie more when it moved one step at a time in the first act. However, it did not affect the movie too much because the story and the two main performances are so investing. In fact, the best scenes are between them two. Once it reaches the third act, it moves at the same pace the first act did, which I appreciated.

Also, the music is great and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s vocals bring them to life. I also really liked the concert scenes; I really felt like I was on the stage with them. Bradley Cooper does really well as a director, even if the narrative structure falters at times.

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Factual error: Towards the end of the movie when Ally is in her hallway looking at Jack's old concert tour posters hanging on the wall, the poster closest to the camera says "Washington State Fair" and a 2011 date. Unfortunately, that fair did not get that name until 2013. Before that, it was called "The Puyallup Fair" (officially named the "Western Washington Fair"). Locals still call it "The Puyallup Fair" to this day.

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Jack: Hey!
Ally: What?
Jack: I just wanted to take another look at you.

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Question: How did Charlie get outside at the end of the movie? Jack made sure he was inside then after Jack closed the garage door Charlie was lying in front of it?

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