Freedom Fighters: The Ray

The Ray joins the other Freedom Fighters on Earth X and help defeat Overgirl, Black Arrow, and Blitzkrieg and give the Resistance more time. Ray decides he is needed on Earth X more than Earth 1 and decides to stay to help them in their fight against the Nazi Reich.

A soldier comes up to them with an interrogation report identifying the location of the leader of the Nazis, and they all take off to go after him.

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Other mistake: After Ray patches up his shoulder from being shot, he heads out answering a call from Jacob. As he's talking he gets hit in the neck by a sleep dart and his phone is shown. The screen still shows an incoming call, rather than one in progress. (00:38:20)

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John Trujillo: I honestly don't know what's more pathetic. Your mom's use of emojis or the fact that you're 22 and still live with your parents. (00:13:45)

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Question: If Overgirl is Supergirl from Earth X, and Supergirl gets her powers the same way that Superman does, from sunlight, then how is The Ray, whose powers are based on using yellow light, able to hurt her with his powers? Wouldn't his blasts help her?

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Answer: My understanding is the Ray uses pure light for his powers while Superman and Supergirl get their power from the solar energy of a yellow sun, not yellow light.


I see. But if it was from pure light, wouldn't his powers have a white glow and not a yellow glow?

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Most likely just a styling choice. I just know the basics details of his powers and not sure why it comes out yellow (or if it's even stated.) Perhaps for the the same reason the sun appears yellow, short wavelength light becomes scattered.


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