The Death of Superman

Trivia: There are several mid credit scenes in the film setting up characters for the follow up film, Rise of the Supermen. The first being the Superman Clone waking up and breaking out of Lex's lab, the second is John Henry Irons building his metal suit before taking up the mantle of Steel, the third is Superman's ship from when he was an infant flying to the north pole and creating the Fortress of Solitude with a mysterious figure dressed as Superman hovering before it, and the last being the Cyborg Superman flying towards the camera from space. (01:17:55 - 01:20:40)

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Continuity mistake: In the space shuttle, as the astronauts are preparing to leave and avoid the asteroid, the one in the front left seat is fiddling around with some controls and raises and lowers his arm. It is a smooth animation of his arm each time it moves. He lowers it back down and then the one behind him mentions the bay doors are still open, and then suddenly the guy in front's arm just jumps back up to its previous position instantly like a jump cut. (00:23:00)

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Bibbo Bibbowski: Why would you let Superman die, when a washed up old rough neck like me goes on living? It ain't right, God. It just ain't right. (01:14:10)

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