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Corrected entry: After Danvers steals the bike she hides her suit, but does not have any bag or any other item to store it in.


Correction: Her suit could easily be worn beneath the clothes she stole. Even if they couldn't, we've seen that the helmet portion of her suit can appear from nowhere. It's not exactly a stretch to believe that the entire suit can be stored in a similar way, not unlike Peter Quill's helmet or Iron Man's most recent nano-tech suit.

Corrected entry: In The Avengers Fury said that the first alien that they had contact with was Thor, but this film contradicts that.


Correction: Fury is like THE secret agent. As Tony said, his secrets have secrets. It's not too hard to believe that he would lie about this.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Fury's statements aren't entirely incorrect. He specifies that SHIELD is building weapons due to what occurred the year before (Thor's battle with the Destroyer), and that "we" have learned we are not alone in the universe. The Skrull/Kree incident would have been kept pretty secret, but the incident with Thor would be much more well known, especially to the people in the room. He never actually says that Thor was the first alien that had been encountered.

Corrected entry: When Fury parks his car inside the Pegasus facility, the car's headlights are on. They're still on when he and Vers walk away. A few seconds later, when they're approached by security and Fury produces his ID, the lights have been turned off.

Correction: Most cars have automatic headlights that turn off after switching the engine off. It takes a few seconds. Have been around since the 60's.


Corrected entry: Inside the Blockbuster in 1995, there is a poster for the movie "Babe." Babe did not get a home video release until March of 1996.

Correction: Video rental stores often had posters of movies still in theaters or coming soon to home video.


Corrected entry: The film is set in 1995, but features the song "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. Celebrity Skin was not released until 1998.

Correction: "Celebrity Skin" plays over the end credits, not within the main story of the film itself. It's no more of a mistake than the movie's score playing throughout the film despite being written well after 1995.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: Fury states "official SHIELD business" after his car accident. SHIELD wasn't called that until the end of the first Iron Man movie.

Correction: The acronym is pretty straight forward. We have never been told that nobody used the name SHIELD, just that the name Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division was a bit of a mouthful. Coulson says "we're working on it", but didn't say the change to SHIELD was the result. As far as we know, there was consideration about changing the organisation's name as a whole.

Factual error: In the scenes set in June of 1995, "Vers" uses a Windows 95 computer to search the internet via dial-up. Windows 95 wasn't released until August 24, 1995, two months after those scenes were set.

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Suggested correction: A beta version of Windows 95 (probably build 347) was released before June, when this takes place. They could be using that. It included MSN, for internet access.


Good guess. That preview version was available for $19.95 in the U.S.


I think that's a reach - especially back then beta versions were much harder to come by - you couldn't just download it, you'd have to apply and receive a CD or floppies. She's in an internet cafe if memory serves, and why would they go to the hassle of installing a beta OS which most people would never have used before, and which would run the risk of having bugs, etc.?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Windows 95 had one of the most expensive advertisements and launch programs to this date. (Second to Windows 8's.) Microsoft had special personnel known as Evangelists who went to potential customers encouraging them to test Windows 95 and give feedback. They didn't send the 3.5" diskettes with post; the Evangelists delivered them personally. Microsoft didn't become a software giant by sitting on its behind, waiting for customers.


Suggested correction: The month is never specified in the film.

True Lies was released on home video on July 15th - any cardboard standee in a Blockbuster would be for an upcoming or very recent release. By late August something else would have replaced it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Not if it was a popular rental, then they would keep promoting it.

ctown28 Premium member

When they're looking at the black box recording, there's a calendar on the wall that reads June.

Brian Katcher
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