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Factual error: In the scenes set in June of 1995, "Vers" uses a Windows 95 computer to search the internet via dial-up. Windows 95 wasn't released until August 24, 1995, two months after those scenes were set.

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Suggested correction: A beta version of Windows 95 (probably build 347) was released before June, when this takes place. They could be using that. It included MSN, for internet access.


Good guess. That preview version was available for $19.95 in the U.S.


I think that's a reach - especially back then beta versions were much harder to come by - you couldn't just download it, you'd have to apply and receive a CD or floppies. She's in an internet cafe if memory serves, and why would they go to the hassle of installing a beta OS which most people would never have used before, and which would run the risk of having bugs, etc.?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Windows 95 had one of the most expensive advertisements and launch programs to this date. (Second to Windows 8's.) Microsoft had special personnel known as Evangelists who went to potential customers encouraging them to test Windows 95 and give feedback. They didn't send the 3.5" diskettes with post; the Evangelists delivered them personally. Microsoft didn't become a software giant by sitting on its behind, waiting for customers.


Suggested correction: The month is never specified in the film.

True Lies was released on home video on July 15th - any cardboard standee in a Blockbuster would be for an upcoming or very recent release. By late August something else would have replaced it.

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Not if it was a popular rental, then they would keep promoting it.

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When they're looking at the black box recording, there's a calendar on the wall that reads June.

Brian Katcher

Factual error: There's a flashback of Danvers playing the arcade game of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition in the bar, but that wasn't released until 1992, and she left earth in 1989.

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Suggested correction: She's playing what appears to be a pinball machine in the memory. Look at the position of her hands, and also there's a clear image of the pinball machine's title that starts with "fligh..." behind her head.

Factual error: When Nick Fury types 'The Protector Initiative', that's a newer keyboard than the setting. The F11 function key has a second feature, which wasn't added until later. (01:51:15)

Factual error: Vers hit Earth at night in California. Dawn comes, and the Skrulls are coming out of the surf with the sun low on the horizon. The sun rises in the east, not over the ocean.

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Suggested correction: There are west-facing bays in California.

Revealing mistake: Captain Marvel knocks off a piece of the train which falls 40 feet onto Fury's car hood and doesn't leave a scratch on it.

Factual error: The movie is set in June 1995, based on the calendar at Rambeau's house, but some of the movies on the shelf at Blockbuster weren't released yet, like First Knight which opened in theaters in July 1995, and was released on VHS in December 1995, or Junior that was released on VHS in January 1996. (00:24:00)


Factual error: The calendar on the wall behind Fury when they are listening to the audio at Rambeau's house correctly lists the days for June 1995 (1st is a Thursday and 30th is a Friday), but the days for May and July are wrong (it shows May 1st on Sunday and last day as 30th on Tuesday, but 1st was Monday, and May has 31 days, not 30. It shows July 1st as Wednesday when it was actually Saturday, and the month of July only having 28 days). (01:05:00)


Nick Fury: I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.

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Trivia: The first Marvel film released after Stan Lee's death. In tribute, the usual opening ident, which has the comic book characters in the Marvel Studios logo, instead shows multiple images of Stan Lee.

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