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The Nun is a spin of from The Conjuring films with the premise that a monstrous evil was unleashed in Romania, contained by the Catholic Church, an Abbey build to defend against its escape and predation upon humanity, and the failure to do so. A suicide at the abbey brings the remote place and the danger of the evil to the attention of the Vatican and they send an exorcist to investigate. He teams up with a novitiate (nun in training) to confront the demonic power, and they are joined by a brave local. What follows for 3/4 of the film is a variety of scares such as being buried alive, possession, hallucinations, undead encounters and just about everything one can associate with overwhelming evil. It's OK for horror fans who are looking for a demonic possession film or a ghost story set in a religious setting, but there's little that you haven't seen before and done better.

Erik M.

From the conjuring series comes the newest demonic force. The Nun. First seen in the second film, it was determined that the character deserved it's own film. How they were wrong.

The film overall is good and links in nicely with the rest of the series however the story of the nun adds nothing to the franchise. Some good acting but predictable in places. Worth watching just for the connection to the franchise.


Continuity mistake: When Sister Irene's habit is ripped at the back, you can see a bra strap on her left shoulder which disappears when she is seen at the front and when the camera is closer to her back (when she has the pentagram carved into her).

Andy Benham Premium member
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Father Burke: The blood of Jesus Christ.
Frenchie: Holy shit!
Father Burke: The holiest.

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Trivia: The name of the demon, "Valak" can be seen on the playground equipment where we first see sister Irene.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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