Searching (2018)

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The detective investigating the case admits she was involved in Margot's disappearance. Her son Robert was stalking Margot online and became friends with her, using the alias "fish_n_chips". He asked her for money, claiming his mother had cancer and needed financial help.

However after getting the cash from her he felt guilty and wanted to return it. He didn't want to admit his identity to her, so followed her at night to a lake, then sneaked into her car, with her unawares. She attacked him in her surprise, and panicking, Robert pushed her into a ravine. He called his mother for help, and when the Detective Vick arrived she pushed Margot's car into the lake, where it was later found. She then forced a convict to fake a confession to Margot's murder, before killing him herself.

The detective tells them that she assumed the fall killed Margot, hence trying to cover everything up. Even if she'd survived, Vick assumed she would have died from dehydration by now. Margot's father and the police investigate the ravine, hoping a recent rainstorm would have helped her survive, and they find her alive. Margot and her dad start to repair their fractured relationship.

Jon Sandys

Other mistake: When the detective sends the traffic cam footage, a Gmail alert pops up. However, the dad is currently using Margot's computer, not his. He previously logged into Margot's gmail account on this computer so any alerts received would be Margot's mail, not his.

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David Kim: I didn't know her. I didn't know my daughter.

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Trivia: Spoilers. You can briefly see at one point that Margot's high school mascot is an anthropomorphic catfish. In internet slang, "catfishing" is when someone pretends to be someone else online in order to "lure in" others. This is a very subtle clue to the ending, in which it is revealed that the user "fish_n_chips" was a boy who was "catfishing" Margot online.

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