The Predator

Other mistake: It isn't known if Rory was diagnosed with ASD, but some of his behaviors and the two classmates in school making a reference to his "Asperger's" indicate or suggest this is the case. While Rory may have been "faking" some mannerisms in hope that the two bullies would leave him alone, his (hyper) sensitivity to noise (sound) was displayed after school when a dog was barking at Rory. However, Rory did not put his hands over his ears in the ball field despite the loud gunshots close to his ears. (00:51:54)


Other mistake: At the baseball field after Quinn (Rory's dad) slid through the green slime, he only had green slime under his neck on the front of his shirt - none on his pants or back of shirt where expected. (00:52:52 - 00:53:37)


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Traeger: Do you know what my job description is? I'm in acquisitions. I look up and I catch what falls out of the sky.

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Trivia: Spoilers. Originally, Shane Black wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to make a cameo in the end - he would have been the "Predator Killer" that rises from the device right before the credits. When he decided not to return, the "Predator Killer" was changed into a highly advanced suit of armor.


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Question: Why would the main character send the obviously dangerous and unstable alien tech to his house? I could see no other reason then to just simply get the plot to move along but it's obvious he doesn't have a consistent stable relationship with his son and wife - why send the tech there? And on top of that with no explanation to them as to what it is? On top of that he seemed like he was a respected member of the military - there was no reason for him to go against that and hide this information.


Answer: He actually states that he sent it to a P.O. box because he didn't want it at his wife's house and potentially endanger her. But since he hadn't been paying his P.O. box fees, the postman brought the box along with some other mail to the house.

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Answer: McKenna states that he assumed his estranged wife would just put the box with the rest of his stuff and leave it alone. He doesn't trust sending it to anyone else because they might open the box and have questions. As you suggest, it is indeed quite an egregious plot contrivance because why would his wife be any less prone to open his mail than anyone else? And in fact, Rory does open the box so the plan didn't even work. McKenna hides the tech from the military because he wants the credit for discovering alien life, and he also fears the government will try to cover up the discovery, which of course they do.


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