The Limehouse Golem
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John Kildare: Why would anybody be surprised? The world is full of men like you, Mr Gissing.
George Gissing: I beg your pardon?
John Kildare: Men who feign generosity when what they really seek is congratulation. Men who play God by saving lives. Is it really so different, I wonder, from playing God by taking them?

Lizzie Cree: You shall have your moment and I mine. In the temple of fame our names will be written side by side in stone for all time.

Lizzie Cree: 500 pounds and the camera. It would seem I gave an excellent beating.

John Kildare: "He who spectates." He doesn't mean us, he means the public. The public want blood. The Golem provides it.

Dan Leno: If you want your name etched in stone, you're gonna have to take up the chisel yourself.

Dan Leno: If you want your name etched in stone, you're going to have to take up the chisel yourself.

Lizzie Cree: My gender becomes inured to injustice. We expect it until we can greet it merely with a shrug.

Inspector Roberts: The streets of London run red with blood and you concern yourself with paperwork. You'd have made a fine politician, Kildare, were you not the topic of such... speculation.

Lizzie Cree: The line between comedy and tragedy is a fine one.

George Flood: What are you looking for?
John Kildare: I'm just looking. Trying to understand.
George Flood: The Golem's a madman. What else is there to be understood?
John Kildare: Even madness has its own logic. Here, there's none.

Lizzie Cree: I have a proposition for you, dear. I am in need of a lady's maid.
Aveline Ortega: Me? You must be playing.
Lizzie Cree: I can offer you twice the weekly wage you're earning here. All I require is some help bearing the load of my... My wifely duties.

Uncle: Cucumber sandwich?
Lizzie Cree: No, thanks.
Uncle: Oh, I forgot. You're not entirely partial to cucumber, are you?

George Flood: Sometimes I suspect if I was despatched to hell, I'd barely notice the difference, bar the weather.

Factual error: Many details are wrong in Elizabeth's execution. The scaffold is in the prison yard, whereas by this time it was inside. The noose has a knot as opposed to the simple slider which was used by this time. Nobody is present except the hangman and one warder, whereas in fact the usual execution party was the prison governor, the chaplain, at least two warders, the hangman and his assistant. The hangman is masked, which never happened in Britain.

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