The Limehouse Golem

Factual error: The film is set in 1880 and Dan Leno is a major character, already well-established on the London stage. Leno was only 20 in 1880 and did not make his London professional debut as an adult performer until 1885; before then he had performed in Manchester and Sheffield.


Factual error: Many details are wrong in Elizabeth's execution. The scaffold is in the prison yard, whereas by this time it was inside. The noose has a knot as opposed to the simple slider which was used by this time. Nobody is present except the hangman and one warder, whereas in fact the usual execution party was the prison governor, the chaplain, at least two warders, the hangman and his assistant. The hangman is masked, which never happened in Britain.


Lizzie Cree: 500 pounds and the camera. It would seem I gave an excellent beating.

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