I Can Only Imagine

Amy Grant is about to sing I Can Only Imagine at her concert when she finds she can't do it, knowing that part of what makes the song so special is Bart. She calls Bart up to the stage and has him sing it backed by her band. Their manager quickly calls back the delivery truck of the Amy Grant singles of the song before MercyMe gets the rights back to it and have it as their run away break out single.

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Continuity mistake: When Bart's dad asks how he got such a beautiful girl, he looks at Bart. The shot cuts to behind him and suddenly he's looking at Shannon again.

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Memaw: Imagine what he is seeing up there, just imagine.

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Trivia: Dennis Quaid's twin children are seen as extras in the dinner scene. His daughter is the little girl who points at him as he falls out of his chair during his medical attack.

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