Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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Continuity mistake: At the premier of Batman's new movie, Batman Again, Robin steps on The Atom and squashes him next to the red carpet. A few shots later, Atom's squished remains disappear from where Robin and the Titans are talking and dancing.

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Trivia: The Titans first encounter Slade while he's stealing a power crystal. They mistake him at first for the Marvel character, Deadpool and proceed to argue back and forth about him being Deadpool or not. With him saying that he's not Deadpool, that actually Deadpool should be saying he's not Slade. This is a joke and reference to the fact that the designer of Deadpool based his looks, abilities, and character originally off Slade/Deathstroke because he wanted to draw Deathstroke. Until Deadpool's backstory and personality were changed to what we know him as today.

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