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So today, I took my son to the theaters with my mom to see Teen Titans GO to the Movies.

Now, I loved the older Teen Titans show when it was on the air. Watched almost every episode. And when I saw what that was turned into with the pile of heaping walrus dung that is Teen Titans GO... I was furious. The show is bad and insulting in almost every way imaginable to both the original show and the audience. To make it worse, they actually have the audacity to consider it a sequel series continuing the original. -. -

However... the trailers to this movie were... actually surprisingly looking fairly good. So I went into this film with an open mind.

And to my surprise... it actually wasn't all that bad. Yes the characterization of the Titans, especially Robin, is still horrible. (with the exception of Beast Boy as he seems to actually fit into the newer version of the show fairly well with how his personality already is lol) However it seems that the film makers are well aware of the negative reception of the GO series and made this film around that. No, not that they changed what's bad... it's that they embraced it and make fun of themselves in this film.
And to their credit, this movie succeeds with that. Showing how the rest of the DC heroes see the Titans as a joke, not real heroes. That they are too goofy.
The humor and jokes in the film, for the most part, are actually well written. Aside from the handful of cringe worthy fart and poop jokes, there are a lot of things in this film that legit had me laughing in the theater.
And the inside jokes and references are subtle and funny. This... is actually something this film does better than Ready Player One. In Player One the references and nostalgic cameos are shoved down your throat every few seconds and you can't really take the time to appreciate any of them.
In Teen Titans GO to the Movies, they are fairly subtle and even many only an older audience like myself would actually get. Like the fact that Superman is voiced by Nick Cage, and him saying the like "Somebody save me." A lot of you younger kinds probably don't get that. There are a ton of other inside and subtle reference jokes like this through out the movie. It actually is a very funny film.

Now, if you set aside the fact that the characterization of the Titans is still an insult to the original series, and try to pretend this has nothing to do with the Teen Titans and consider it a stand alone feature, the film is actually not that bad. The plot works, and the film is constantly making fun of itself and super hero movie genre and industry as a whole. And DC even pokes fun at themselves quite hard in this movie. Hell... Stan Lee eve has a cameo in the film. Twice! It's like this film is Deadpool meets... well the Teen Titans. (and they even kinda make that parody with Slade lol)

Now, the movie does start a bit bland, with the balloon monster attacking the city and the Titans trying to take it down, and that whole fart joke that's in the trailers happens. And this is actually the low point of the film. It just gets better from there. Increasingly funny and a shockingly good story line about the Titans, and especially Robin, trying to figure out if they are true heroes and to prove it. While having to save the world.

I found myself enjoying this move quite a bit, and it for sure had my 4 year old son's attention glued to the screen the whole time. It's got something for all ages. Even my 60 year old mom enjoyed it.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this movie actually somehow turned out somewhat good. I'm blown away. I give it 3 stars.

Mistake Status: Caught a couple of mistakes while in the theater. I might buy or rent this movie later on to search for mistakes since I do like doing them to animated hero movies.

Quantom X Premium member

Revealing mistake: After Robin starts to believe that the Teen Titans are in fact a joke, he gets sad and goes out a hole in the wall saying goodbye to them. He fires his grappling gun up and steps out of the wall. But his arm remains bent as he stands casually in the air to be taken upwards. There is no effect of gravity or any realistic body motion in those moment. As his weight should have had him dangle down with his arm stretched out above him and him swaying like a pendulum. Instead he appears as a stationary action figure in a single pose with his elbow bent as he's taken up.

Quantom X Premium member

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John Stewart: There was a Green Lantern movie. Uh. But we don't talk about that.

Quantom X Premium member

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