Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Other mistake: Everyone arrives on set at the same time but somehow Beast Boy goes and returns to the toilet within seconds.

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Suggested correction: This is a case of cartoon logic at play, and therefore is not a mistake. Within seconds of Beast Boy going to and out of the bathroom most of the other Titans also somehow go in and do their thing and then leave the bathroom right after each other with no real time between. This is just part of the silly world of this cartoon.

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Revealing mistake: After Robin starts to believe that the Teen Titans are in fact a joke, he gets sad and goes out a hole in the wall saying goodbye to them. He fires his grappling gun up and steps out of the wall. But his arm remains bent as he stands casually in the air to be taken upwards. There is no effect of gravity or any realistic body motion in those moment. As his weight should have had him dangle down with his arm stretched out above him and him swaying like a pendulum. Instead he appears as a stationary action figure in a single pose with his elbow bent as he's taken up.

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John Stewart: There was a Green Lantern movie. Uh. But we don't talk about that.

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Trivia: Superman says "Somebody save me" early in the film when he's annoyed and frustrated at the Teen Titans. This line is a reference to the theme song of the TV show Smallville, about a young Superman.

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